We headed down with the dogs to a local off leash dog park on Cherry Beach yesterday to have fun in the sun.  What a party it was with furiends, balls and sticks to chase, holes to dig, treats to share, paths to walk along, sand to roll in and lake water to swim in.

Here are a few photos to inspire – Get out and active and send us pics of you having fun with your dogs:

TH little cutie CB TH 2 Dogs chasing ball TH 3 more dogs water TH 3 dogs water CB TH please throw ball in water TH Dog ball water TH lab water ball CB TH frind's dog smiling CB TH Boston +stick TH handsome CB TH self control ball CB TH handosme husk CB TH Cute Pekinese2 CB TH shaved Pekinese CB TH Cutedog2 CB TH Dobie CB TH cute white CB TH Boston CB TH 2 cute CB TH 3 running CB TH 3 treats CB TH pups run CB TH Dogball C Beach TH closeup retriever Cherry Beach TH Puppy party cherry beach

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