Surfing at Woofstock 2017

If you were at Woofstock this year it was pretty hard to ignore the incredible Lucy Pet Gnarly Cranking K9 Wave Maker.

Check out our video of the amazing surfing dogs at woofstock 2017

Hang 20!

The surfing station for dogs was housed atop a trailer and open for anyone who wanted to let their dog take a shot at catching some waves.

cop and wave machine canada

“The Lucy Pet Crankin’ K9 Wave Maker is a one of a kind portable invention designed exclusively for Lucy Pet by American Wave Machine. It consists of a 75 foot trailer filled with 19,000 liters of water (5,000 gallons) and an automatic wave generator.” – Lucy Pet Website

lisa and coppetone at woofstock 2017

People lined up consistently both days for their turn and dog after dog took turns Hangin’ 20 in the waves. Check out our fun and adorable video of the dogs here:


Meet The Pro Surfing Dogs

We got the pleasure of Lisa and the Lucy Pet Team putting on a special show for us which meant we got to see Coppertone and the newest member of their team Gracie catch some serious waves. Gracie even caught some of those waves backwards and it was incredible!

gracie surfing at woofstock 2017

Coppertone came all the way up from San Diego and Gracie joined the team in LA. The team drove the Gnarly Crankin’ K9 Wave Maker all the way up from the US and this was their first time in Canada. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces the whole weekend I’d think it was a success and here’s hoping this won’t be the last we see of these adorable and talented dogs!

You can read even more about Coppertone and her friends in our Dog of the Day spotlight from a few weeks back here.

Did your dog try surfing at Woofstock?

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