Stepping it up – Hiking & Playing Fetch

I had a great time with Maya and my new Fitbit up at a cottage in the Kawartha Lakes last weekend.


The lake was still a bit cold – I swam for 20 mins but I could not convince Maya to come in. She can swim but doesn’t seem to enjoy it much, especially if cool.Unfortunately Fitbits are only water resistant not waterproof, so swimming does not register. It was a few hundred steps up and down the rocky path to the lake so we got a good workout doing that a few times each day.

Maya and I went for a quick hike. It is such a pretty area, but the bugs were out in force and so was the rain for most of Sunday. The bears were not out at all this time (we have seen them on hikes in the past).


“Let’s Go Already!”   We also played a lot of fetch which was great for Maya, but didn’t do me that much good it turns out.

mayaball3  mayaball

After my first week monitoring my steps, it is easy to see how I put on weight over our brutal winter. Many more calories have been going in than going out. I have not been hitting my 10,000 steps a day, even with a quick hike or walk to the park.

Clearly time to STEP IT UP  with longer walks and more activities, and fewer “treats”.



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  • Looks like a nice lake vacation. Glad your FitBit is working out. I always find my estimates of calories or distance are way off and reality is much different. Thanks for joining the Hop.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      It was a great time, loved to get away for a bit. It’s really nice to get a clear idea on just how many steps a day I’m taking, my FitBit is a great help.

  • Good luck on reaching your 10,000 step goal. I think swimming should definitely count towards your goal. Swimming is hard work, at least it is hard work for me.

  • Having fewer treats is the hard part for me! Good luck with meeting the 10,000 steps a day goal! Once you get there regularly, you’ll find it hard to imagine you weren’t doing that every day! Once Barley and I got up to a regular 3 miles a day, the days we walked less than that made it seem like we hadn’t been active at all those days!

  • Looks like a great place at the lake. I’ve been thinking of trying a FitBit but haven’t yet. Happy FitDog Friday!
    Diane and Rocco

  • Tenacious Little Terrier 3 years ago

    I’ll lend you Mr. N. Yesterday he decided that he had to be walked right that very instant and took over my keyboard until I told him he won.

  • I guess the good thing is you are finding out you aren’t working as much as you thought, but gummer it does’t count swimming!

  • Looks like a great time, beautiful photos.

  • What a beautiful place. Brown dawgs would have been in that water for sure (well maybe not Storm…lol…she doesn’t care much for cold water either unless a duck is involved). The bugs at our cabin have been horrid this year too which has cramped our walking. We are looking forward to Fall.