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Temperatures have been feeling freezing for ages and dipped to -37′ with windchill this week. There’s no end in sight as more snow is coming. To cheer ourselves up and help with the winter blues, we have been dreaming of warm weather and outdoor fun. TH dog jumping

It’s much harder to stay motivated and active in the cold weather months for me. Kilo and I do not enjoy being outside for too long, and little paws get trashed by snow, salt and ice. Thankfully there are great indoor facilities in Toronto to seek refuge and let your dog run and play with others. I love taking Kilo to PawsWay Toronto where they always have fun events. I’m hoping his manners will be better by Easter, as I would like to bring him to the Canadian Pet Expo for our Pet Valu Talent Hounds Talent Search and Showcase. (Details to enter our contests and Talent Search are at the bottom of post)


We decided to pull together some of the best images of dogs enjoying summer while catching some serious air. I hope these high flying canines will help me leap back into my fitness routine and inspire us all to really go for it!

Lots of dogs love to leap and fly in the air after a ball or disc. For many breeds, it is a part of their natural prey drive to chase and retrieve. Agility , disc and other vigorous high energy sports are also great for bonding with your dog, letting them burn of some energy and and to stay fit. Dogs should be mature and strong enough to jump as it can be hard on bones and bodies (usually over 18 months) and you should check with your vet to make sure your dog is suited.

Is your dog a high jumper?  How do you stay active in the winter months or when weather is leaving you feeling unmotivated?

Let these photos and videos of amazing leaps and bounds motivate you to get out with your dog and maybe try disc, a game of fetch or catch.


Kowboy Fred 

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 5.08.00 PM


HFC - Little Alex

Little Al

Amazing UK Frisbee Dog Betsy

Lexi the Parkour Dog 

Enjoy more photos of free dogs catching some serious air in the gallery below.

Can your dog jump really high? Is a champ at disc or can do any cool tricks like these talented hounds?

TALENT SEARCH CASTING CALL: Does your Pet have Talent?


We will be choosing one online winner for a $50 VISA Gift Card (US and Canada where legal) and up to 10 new stars to participate in our Pet Valu Talent Hounds Talent Search and Showcase this year at the Canadian Pet Expo (Ontario, Canada).

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  • We love to watch the dog frisbee stuff on tv, it is amazing. Hope the cold snap comes to an end for you all soon so you can get out again.

  • Those are some amazing pictures. We are going to be able to get out to train today. I little (and I mean little) warm up before beck to freezing.