Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed Spotlight

Shivers the Jack Russell

If you are an active person who needs an equally high energy and intelligent partner, then a Jack Russell may be the right dog breed for you.

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About The Breed

Jack Russells are usually highly energetic, vocal, fearless, lively, inquisitive and intelligent. They need lots of exercise and mental stimulation to keep destructive behaviours at bay.  They are generally highly trainable and excel at tricks, agility, disc and other activities that exercise both the mind and body. We have many talented Jack Russell community members who perform complex tricks and race through agility or lure courses.

Their natural fearlessness and desire to please make them willing to try different challenges and perform.

For more information and anecdotes check out our Breed Library

Although popular as a city dog, Jack Russell Terriers may be unsuited to families that do not have an understanding of their athleticism. They love to run, dig, jump, fetch and chew. They tend to do better with lots of training, attention, supervision and structure.

This Fit Dog Friday we like to shine the spotlight on several inspiring, active Jack Russells.

Lulu, Sweetie and Shivers- the Talented Jack Russell Pack

shivers dressed as a reindeer


sweetie looking up




This trio of JRT’s have appeared in the Talent Hounds documentaries and performed their tricks live at the Canadian Pet Expo, DogLoversDays, Woofstock and more. It’s always a pleasure to have them at the Talent Hounds booth and shows.

Pippy Love our Romantic Comedy Movie

Shivers filmed the little demo video for our feature romantic comedy movie Pippy Love about a mischievous little rescue Puppy who plays Cupid and finds a forever home. We are so excited as we finally finished the second draft of the script (it’s fantastic) and are working on raising financing and getting it into production now.

Marcy, their mom and trainer, shared what she thought about the breed:

“The Jack Russell Terrier is a breed who is fearless, devoted, and loyal towards their owners. They are always on the go, and wanting to learn new things. I love this breed because someone had told me they were a very hyper breed and if I was looking for a big dog, in a small dog body then the JRT was for me. They certainly fit the bill on doing tricks and they are smart. My oldest JRT also helps me get through tough times. When I am having a panic attack, she will come over to me and help me calm down. My other JRT she just loves to be the loner as one would say; as she doesn’t like to be crowded which is fine by me as I love her just the same. Now my next JRT she is my trick dog as she loves to learn new things and as we grow together. Learning tricks helps us with our bonding. My JRT’s are very calm and not hyper like I was told. That is okay by me as I love them all and how each one is different and I would not change anything about them. This is why I love the Jack Russell Terrier.” – Marcy

See the girls in action at The All About Pets Show!

Just Jesse

I had the pleasure of meeting amazing Jesse and his talented trainer recently at the Purina Better with Pets Summit in NYC.Purina Better with Pets

Jesse has been called the world’s smartest dog after his “Useful Dog Tricks” video went viral. I love this video.

Purina Better with Pets

See for yourself how smart this boy is! See more at  www.justjessethejack.com



Sam, is a 6-year-old multi-talented canine trick dog, who’s always ready to tackle whatever comes next. She knows over 300 tricks and cues, from skateboarding to blowing bubbles under water. Such an impressive little rescue dog – #RescuesRock!

Terri, Sam’s trainer shares a couple tips for training JRT’s read more from Sam’s feature HERE

Three JRT Positive Dog Training Tips:

  • Tip 1.) One of my major tips in training is to have fun- make sure you and your dog are both having fun. It should not be a chore for you to have to train your dog and your dog should not think it’s a punishment. Keep it positive and reward based.
  • Tip 2.) Another tip is to not train too long at a time.  You should not train for a whole hour or longer, especially with no breaks. It shouldn’t be about accomplishing a new trick but building a stronger bond together as the tricks get harder. I recommend 10-minute training sessions. This gives your dog time to think it over until the next session. They may even improve by then.
  • Tip 3.) Make sure to end training sessions on a positive note – don’t give up or get angry when your dog is not getting it right. Build and shape behaviours in stages. Take a step back and repeat something they did know.  Wait until they get it right and reward big. That way your dog will be looking forward to the next training session, so they can get it right again.



Mabel is a 9-year-old mix breed dog who may only be 14″ but don’t let that fool you! She has achieved over 10,000 points in Flyball, competed in Freestyle Disc, Extreme Distance Disc and is a complete sweetheart. See Mabel and her trainer and owner Emma perform in our Fou Fou Dogs Got Talent Show.


This pup was a great model for Pretty Paw at the Christmas Pet Expo. Loved their harnesses and Bowties.

If you are considering welcoming a Jack Russell into your family please Adopt Don’t Shop! There are many adoptable JRT’s who need loving homes. Check out Pet Finder, your local human shelter or Jack Russell Terrier Rescue, Ontario (JRTRO).

Share your tips, photos, videos and comments about Jack Russells below.



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  • They are sure adorable puppies…but too much energy for me.

  • HA! Your post matches mine about the need for breed-specific exercise…especially for those super energetic small terrier breeds. So many people aren’t aware of their working background and exercise requirements.

  • Jack Russell Terriers are so cute! I just love them, but I don’t think my family would be a good fit for one energy wise.

  • We think they are an adorable breed, but too small for us. A GBGV is borderline too small. Mom likes bigger dogs.

  • oh my, those tricks videos are so much fun! They inspired me to teach Rocco to close the kitchen cabinets and drawers!

  • We absolutely adore Jack Russells – dey is so full of energy! We haz two JRs in our doggy day care and boy when we come home we sleep for the entire next day!!

  • Those trick videos are amazing! Mr. N and I have some work to do.

  • Jack Russells are popular dogs in Australia – they’re little live wires though.

  • High energy and they need a lot of training!

  • What great dogs, I enjoy JRT. Thanks for show casing them.

  • I love Jack Russells. Our next door neighbor had one and was outside searching for him. We looked out to see if it had gotten in our yard and found him on top of their shed in their backyard. It is at least 10 ft. tall. It was hilarous.

  • I have a friend with a Jack Russel and it’s a very cute little doggie. He’s full of life

  • They are so adorable and they have so much talent! I prefer the smaller breeds.

  • Such great energetic little dogs!

  • We’ve heard the Jack Russell Terrier is very active. Mom Paula says she’ll just stay with us “lazy” Persians.

  • This is a great, informative post for anyone thinking about getting this breed. I had no idea how active they are and their need to exercise. They are really cute too!

  • My dad had a JR named Bob. Bob was exactly as you described the breed above. Bubbling over with personality.

  • Jack Russell Terriers are such smart dogs! I sometimes think they have more energy than a husky!

  • I love that you’re highlighting breeds and educating people. Knowing what to expect and how a potential new dog’s breed may help determine his behavior is so important for successfully matching dogs with people.

  • JRTs are so adorable & great dogs but they are super high energy!

  • These guys have #Finndawg’s face…. even the diamond on the forehead. Although, we think Finn is a Fox Terrier X Cattle Dog. Nonetheless, he’s as cute as your cute subjects here! Sharing.

  • These really seem like the kind of dogs that will keep you on your toes! It is great that they can learn so many tricks. I have seen them used in circus-style acts before. They are a truly unique breed.

  • We have a few JRT on our street and they are so amazing – high energy and delightful dogs. Always a favorite of mine.Great post here, too!