Kilo Update & Healthy Treats For Dogs


Little Kilo has settled in so well and is super loveable and loving with my family and team, but strangers and other dogs are still a challenge.

We are working on basic obedience and serious behaviour modification using positive training methods. We are trying to get him to associate new people and dogs with happy thoughts rather than angry, scary ones.

He’s so cute and agile.  Once he is better socialized and the vet gives him the okay on his hips and legs, I am looking forward to enrolling him in sports. I know he would love doing courses and the physical and mental stimulation would do wonders for him. For now, he grabs a toy and run laps around the house when he gets the zoomies. He loves it if we play tug and chase and do obedience exercises. He is so eager to please, especially for treats.

He loves his 5 or more daily walks even more now, as treats “fall from the sky” when anyone or anything passes. But this means a ton of treats. We keep back some of his breakfast and dinner kibble and use that plus, of course he loves his Bullwrinkles and Barnsdale Farms treats (all natural, made in Canada, easy to digest, no additives, low fat, essential amino acids, naturally occurring supplements etc) but I am continuing to try out some other great healthy low cal alternatives.


Frozen Treats. Our friend, Bocker the Labradoodle loves frozen yogurt and so does Kilo. I give him homemade and opt for plain low fat yogurt as the base. We have tried a variation on our friend Sugar the Golden Retriever’s yummy recipes with bananas and peanut butter. Read her article on 3 Ways to Serve Blueberries.  Kilo didn’t love raw blueberries and just played with them which was messy, but since they are the “super fruit” I’m excited to try the frozen. I have also tried a couple of different recipes including a really great “beansicle” which uses pre cooked beans mashed and frozen suggested by Twitter friends. Green beans, squash and sweet potato work well to freeze and give as a treat. Just as fun are strawberries and apples.


He goes nuts for raw banana, melon and cantaloupe!


10 Fruits & Vegetables For Your Pet To Snack On (always check with your vet before trying)

  1. Carrots
  2. Celery
  3. Zucchini
  4. Green bell peppers
  5. Cucumber
  6. Broccoli
  7. Blueberries
  8. Watermelon
  9. Peaches
  10. Strawberries

He loves carrots slightly softened/cooked and chopped so he doesn’t choke. Some vegies are better slightly cooked or with the skin broken so dogs can digest better.

Share your healthy treat recipes in the comments below! Happy Fit Dog Friday.



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