I love long walks on the beach

Coogee beach3

I have been in Sydney for 12 days. The weather has been spectacular most of the time. Beautiful sunshine with blue sky and blue water.

TH Martin Poodle


Every day I go and walk and swim at Coogee Beach with my parents. Some days we also walk on the paths around the cliffs and then have a coffee looking over the ocean. A few times friends have come along with their dogs (including the 14.5 year old blind poodle above- so sweet).

Coogee beach

TH cute beach puppy

Dogs are not allowed on the sand or in the surf on this beach but there are hundreds of dogs on the boardwalk, in the parks beside the beach and on the cliff paths. People and dogs all look pretty fit to me. It seems so much easier with great weather and great places to walk and swim. Sunshine and beautiful colours really inspire me.

Coogee beach 2

Heading back to spring in Canada on the weekend in time for Canadian Pet Expo over Easter. Hope it warms up fast. Happy Fit Dog Friday.



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