Snow Days mean having to find ways to keep my active pug Kilo entertained indoors and out. He isn’t a huge fan of the snow but it is great exercise for him and the fresh air helps tire him out.

KiloSnow5 KiloSnow4

I’ve tried to get him to wear booties and a jacket to help keep him warm in the chilly temperature Toronto can hit in the winter but have had no luck. For now quick bathroom breaks and short walks throughout the day will have to do! I don’t want to keep him outdoors too long as his fur is short and he get’s cold very quickly.

The extra time in doors is a great opportunity to work on tricks and training, plus sneak in lots of cuddle time to keep warm.

KiloSnow1  KiloSnow3


Check out our friends enjoying the snow below, add your photos of your dog in the snow to the gallery or send them in via Facebook or Twitter to be included.  

Sweetie, Lulu and Shivers the Jack Russell’s in the snow.

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