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Posted by PetSmart on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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Grain-Free plus Freeze-Dried Raw- the #SubZeroDifference

New Canadian Dog Food In PetSmart® – Nutrience® SubZero™

This post is sponsored by Nutrience, PetSmart, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the launch of Nutrience Subzero in PetSmart Canada, but Talent Hounds only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nutrience and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.

 My Rescue Dog Kilo the Pug Loves Food

Kilo the Pug has been part of our family for 16 months now. He is 3 years old. He came to me with a big bag of lamb kibble so we have kept going on North American high-quality kibble.

He is very food-motivated (I mean greedy). He has a few behaviour and anxiety issues and I often use kibble for our frequent training sessions. I confess that I also share a teeny taste of my half a piece of whole wheat toast and peanut butter every morning. I know I shouldn’t, but it is a bonding time each day that we both enjoy immensely so that is his main grain allowance, along with  occasional treats for training.

Kilo and new Nutrience Subzero. Grain-Free +Freeze-Dried Raw = #SubZeroDifference

Grain-Free plus Freeze-Dried Raw = #SubZeroDifference

I have been researching grain-free as Kilo doesn’t need grain and fillers in his regular food.

I have also been reading about, and considering raw feeding. There certainly seem to be health benefits. I am not prepared to go full raw yet so freeze-dried raw protein is very appealing.

I was so excited to get invited to review Nutrience® SubZero™ and understand the #SubZeroDifference. These new products seemed to incorporate the latest research and the best high-quality Canadian ingredients. The timing was perfect for me given my own research on nutrition for Kilo. They ticked all my boxes,  so I went to my local PetSmart and chatted with a sales executive. See my post about my shopping trips here.

Nutrience shelf

He gave very positive feedback on the Nutrience brand (Kilo and I both like the Nutrience canned food which I sometimes buy and mix with kibble). The displays in PetSmart were also very informative. I chose two of three new SubZero varieties to start – The Fraser Valley and the Prairie Red.

Kilo plus Nutrience Subzero bags

What is Nutrience SubZero?

Nutrience Grain Free Subzero™ is a new Canadian made ancestral diet combining protein-rich kibble and freeze-dried NUTRIBOOST™ including raw protein.

The Nutrience Subzero product range comes in 3 regionally inspired formulations: Canadian Pacific (various wild-caught fish), Fraser Valley (chicken, turkey and wild-caught fish) and Prairie Red (beef, wild boar, bison and wild-caught fish).

Nutirence Subzero 3 varieties

The products are made in British Columbia, Canada in small batches for superior quality control which I find reassuring. They are prepared with fresh, never frozen Canadian sources of meat, poultry, Pacific wild-caught fish and real freeze-dried protein for a superior flavor.

Kilo certainly looks like he would like to taste it – licking his lips.

Kilo Licking his lips for Nutrience

Kilo’s Review- Big Paws Up

Kilo LOVES the new food. The size and texture of the pieces work well for him. Sometimes I mix with a tiny bit of yoghurt, water, banana, sweet potato or pumpkin. Other times he just enjoys plain pieces of kibble. He likes crunchy bits and they are probably helping keep his teeth a little cleaner.

He seems to really enjoy the taste and the smell.  However, the smell is not overpowering which is good.

I usually make Kilo work for part of each meal and regularly do training through the day. We play chase and go find with kibble around the house,  plus we use puzzles and practise behaviours and tricks.

7 Easy Ways to Taste and Feel the #SubZeroDifference

We found 7 Easy Ways to Taste and Feel the #Subzerodifference:

Kilo, Nutrience SubZero Kibble and new bowl

  • In a new special bowl designed for pugs from The Loving Bowl- those pieces of kibble disappeared pretty fast, almost like magic.

Kilo Subzero and puzzle 2

  • In Puzzles

Kilo and Nutrience Subzero with Puzzle 1

  • In a Treat Ball

Kilo and treat ball with Nutrience Subzero kibble

  • In a Treat Bone
  • In a Kong

Kilo Subzero kibble and Kong

  • Playing Go Find and Chase
  • As a reward for Tricks or Posing for photos from Mom
Kilo posing in red bowtie to taste the #SubZeroDifference

Kilo posing for #SubZeroDifference photo

Nutritional Benefits plus Convenience

I know I juggle production work, blogging, events and family (especially little Kilo). I never have enough hours in the day, especially at this time of the year. I look for products that fit my busy lifestyle and my needs. Nutrience SubZero aims to deliver the nutritional benefits of raw in a convenient and easy to use recipe.  Sounds great to me!Nutrience Subzero = grain-free kibble + freeze-dried raw = nutritious and convenience #SubZeroDifference

Features of Nutrience Subzero- Why is is so Great?

I am always looking to keep Kilo the Pug healthy and happy. I really like what I am learning about this new high-quality dog food range:

  • We are both proudly Canadian! Wild-caught fish, meat and poultry are sourced in Canada and delivered fresh to the production facility in British-Columbia, Canada. They are produced in small batches to ensure optimal quality control. I love all these facts.
  • Multiple sources of proteins for a complete and more diverse essential amino acid profile. Sounds healthy.
  • Low-glycemic carbohydrates to maintain a healthy weight and normal blood sugar levels. Important for my greedy Pug (I should be doing the same).
  • Coconut oil and marine source omega-3 for a healthy skin and coat. Great.
  • Wholesome fruits, vegetables & botanicals to support a healthy immune system. Makes sense.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for healthy digestion. I am very interested in the benefits of probiotics and give them to the rest of the family.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin to support hip and joint health. I take these as well. It is important for Kilo as he is always jumping up on things. I want to protect his joints.
  • Contains Nutriboost- fresh protein, infused with a unique blend of nutritionally beneficial ingredients, and gently freeze-dried to lock in the natural goodness of raw foods.

The Nutrience #SubZeroDifference:grain-free kibble + Freeze-dried raw + Nutriboost = great nutrition

What is in the Nutriboost?

Nutriboost is fresh protein, infused with a unique blend of nutritionally beneficial ingredients, and gently freeze-dried to lock in the natural goodness of raw foods.

Freeze-dried Nutriboost contains 4 Main ingredients:

  • Green-Lipped Mussels – A natural anti-inflammatory to support joint health.
  • Pacific Cod Liver – A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy skin & coat.
  • Pumpkin – A good source of dietary fiber to support digestion. We are big pumpkin fans here.
  • Acadian Kelp – A variety of seaweed loaded with natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system.

We have converted to this great new food.  To find out more valuable information and get your own packages, head over to your local Canadain PetSmart or check online:




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How does your Pet eat their food- do you need to slow them down? Have you tried Nutrience food? Are you feeding grain-free or raw? Let me know in the comments.
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  • My dogs live for their food!

  • I like food that mix in some raw. We use them as treats.

  • Freeze-dried (depending on the ingredients, of course) is indeed the next best thing to raw.

  • Kilo sure looks like he’s enjoying the food!

  • It’s nice to see more brands adding raw to their food. I have a feeling Mr. N might try to pick them out though!

  • This sounds like an interesting food!

    I love that it can be put in puzzle toys. So many of the raw foods can’t, and I love recommending puzzle toys and interactive toys to my clients.

  • This food sounds quite nice. Now if only we could get some sub zero temps to go along with the food, we would be in business!

  • Kilo is seriously the cutest guy ever!

    That food looks awesome! I wonder if it’s going to be available in the US!

  • We’re big fans of raw food – these look like a healthy option for dogs.

  • We truly want to try this food – it looks and reads as nutritious, tasty and healthy! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  • Looks like a great food choice! Kilo looks great and I’m sure he’s loving all the different ways to eat the #subzerodifference!

  • We LOVE our Subzero dog food!!!! The huskies have been doing great on it, and the health benefits are massive!!!!

  • I love that it contains pumpkin and kelp. Those are so important for pups with tummy issues.

  • My dogs are food motivated, too. I’d like to try this.

  • It’s nice that this food allows you to feed your dog some raw food without having to go completely raw. It also seems to come in some pretty tasty flavors!

  • This sounds like a great food! I’ve switched my dogs to grain free food and they seem to love it. My Maltese suffered terribly with allergies and she’s doing a lot better with the current food she is on. Two of them use a specially designed bowl to help them eat slower.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Do you find the bowl works well? Kilo is doing very well on this food and loves it. Glad your Maltese is doing better on hers.

  • We only eat grain free but not raw. But this looks like an easy way to do both if you are interested in a raw diet. Love Dolly

  • This sounds like a great dog food! Freeze-dried raw seems to have a lot of nutritional benefits. It looks like Kilo is enjoying it quite a bit! 🙂

  • Great review. I really like the fish option, the fish oil contained in it is such a great nutritional boost.

    Oh, and Mary has one of the exact same puzzle games too. It’s great when you can use their kibble for the puzzle games and toys it keeps the amount of food serving in check.

  • I notice a lot of foods are mixing the freeze dried raw with the kibble. I like how the Nutrience has some excellent supplements there.

    Christie from

  • This sounds like a wonderful food!

  • I’ve told you this already on your FB page, so you know I thought this campaign was about big expensive refrigerators at first. hehe

    Kilo is SO adorable! Looks like a great brand of dog food; maybe one day it’ll get to the U.S.!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I have to say I thought the same when I first saw SubZero. I wouldn’t mind a fridge to be honest but this food is fantastic too.

  • Great post: I’ve been feeding raw for years and I’ll never go back!

  • WOW your cutie really likes it. I have read a lot of fab things on this brand.

  • We got to try out the new Nutrience Subzero too and Rocco loved it!

  • What’s your secret to keeping Kilo’s weight under control?

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      It is a constant struggle, given his love of food and need for training. The grain-free, plus low cal vegies and treats, making him work for his food, puzzles and lots of short runs and walks and games help. XS

  • This sounds like a great food! I fed a complete raw diet to my cats for a while but got out of the habit of making it, as I ran into the same problem everyone has – finding the time! A freeze-dried option would make a great alternative. I need to look into that more!

  • I don’t know where my first comment went. Thank you for sharing this post! I have never heard of this brand. I’m new to learning about raw eating and this has a little of everything, kibble and raw food.

  • I love food like this, its great for those of us who don’t want to go full raw feeding. We can still get the benefits of raw without all the fuss!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • What a beautiful doggy! I love the 7 ways to enjoy the food! Rooney only likes some puzzle toys, but it’s a great idea to put some of their breakfast or dinner in one of those, especially on a rainy day.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Aww thanks. Kilo is a cutie and so is Rooney. He loves his puzzles. Slows him down and keeps him entertained. Thanks for stopping by. XS

  • Jenna 1 year ago

    I was extremely disappointed with the Nutrience Sub Zero. My 12 week old puppy was on Acana to start with. I was then in a pet store that didn’t sell Acana, but I was promised that the Nutrience Sub Zero was equally as good. I made the switch and my puppies fur became so dry that she got dandruff. I decided to wait a few weeks to see if anything changed but it didn’t. I changed her back to the Acana and within a couple of days she had her beautiful soft puppy fur back and no dandruff. Won’t be buying this product again.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I am very sorry you had this experience. I shared my own positive experience with 3-year-old Kilo the Pug and on the specific types of Nutrience SubZero food he tried and still eats today – he seems very healthy and has a very soft, shiny coat without dandruff (he does shed like a bandit). We all have to find out what works for our own dogs and do our best to keep them happy and healthy. I am glad you have found a product that works better for your family- hugs to your puppy.

  • Cat lover 1 year ago

    My two cats and my moms cats couldn’t stop throwing up when eating sub zero nutrients. I personally had bad experiences with both my dogs and cats. Both of them got very sick on it. Could just be my animals tho. But there used to Acana and seem to do way better with it.