Rev the Border Collie or Rev ‘Em Up Rev:

Trick Dog Champ and Inspirational Fit Dog!











Rev is a gorgeous  6 month old Border Collie, with an easy going personality and a lot of energy. He is a natural athlete and very smart. As a herding dog, he needs lots of physical and mental challenges to keep him happy and healthy. Rev enjoys training in canine musical freestyle, freestyle disc, agility,  dock diving, herding, and pretty much any other dog sport. Rev has even learned the commands used in bike/skijoring and mushing.

Here he is playing basketball! So cute


Rev was one of the youngest dogs EVER to earn the title of  Trick dog champion! (TDCH by TNC) at the young age of 4 months! 



He loves performing and is great around distractions and other animals. He already knows over 80 tricks and commands including.Basic Obedience: Down, Stay, Come, Sit, Follow, Stand, Heel, Roll Over, Paw, Back Up, Focus, Leave it, Off, Get your leash, Find it, Stop, Place, Front, Take it, Quiet, Drop it. Practising tricks is a great way to get mental and physical exercise and bond with your dog, especially this long cold  winter.


Tricks: Spin far/away, open/close doors, fetch items out of fridge, blow bubbles, speak, crawl, tidy up toys, side step, take a bow, look far/away, sit pretty/beg, pretend to pee, move objects with nose, say your prayers, jump through hoop/any object, hold items using paws (clutch), hold items in mouth, chase tail, hand signals, directional cues used in film, hide, kisses, stack rings, play dead, AND MORE!

Catch Rev performing in the FouFou Dogs Got Talent at this year’s  All About Pets Show 2014 at the Mississauga International Centre.

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