Walking the Dog in the Brick Works

It is very important for both humans and dogs to exercise daily.  Some of the benefits include burning calories/maintaining weight, balance, fitness, physical health, mental health and sometimes even social connections. My dog Kilo gets 4 or 5 short walks a day, plus games and stairs in the house. For other ideas see 10 Great Ways to Get Active With Your Dog


As the weather has improved, I have been feeling inspired to get out walking the dog further in spite of bad knees. I sometimes find it easier if I have a destination to walk to. I am very lucky to have lots of fun places nearby to explore with little Kilo the Pug. There is a network of beautiful ravines starting from the park right at the end of my street.

The Evergreen Brick Works

At the bottom of the steep hill, nestled in the ravine, there is a beautiful community environmental centre and preservation area called the Brick Works. Old buildings and green spaces have been restored with ponds, bird nesting areas, paths, living walls and educational programs. The belief  is that “Great cities need places of respite, inspiration, beauty and wonder.”

TH EBWphoto

Approximately 16 hectares (roughly 40 acres), the Don Valley Brick Works is made up of two distinct areas:

  • Weston Family Quarry Garden (formerly Don Valley Brick Works Park): An 11.5 hectare natural area and city park containing the Weston Quarry Garden, wetlands, wildflower meadows, ravine forests and trails.
  • Don Valley Brick Works Industrial Pad: A complex of historical buildings over five hectares which has been revitalized as Evergreen Brick Works.


The area is very popular but not crowded. Lots of people bring their dogs. Dogs have to be kept on leash except in designated areas, to protect the birds and other local wildlife.

 An Anxious start.

Unfortunately, Kilo has become more and more anxious about leaving his domain on foot. He loves walking around the block, and exploring the ravine through an old abandoned house on his long leash (photos from last week), but he panics when we get near the park. I assume he had a bad experience with another dog in a dog park before we got him.

TH Kilo view

I got my husband and daughter to come with us on our walk and this made Kilo much happier- safety in numbers. He got in between us, right behind my husband. I gave him little rewards when we passed other dogs and he did not react. Once we were through the park and in the ravine he was fine, and loved exploring.

TH Kilo looking at pondHe was even OK by the pond watching fish and sitting on my lap when we stopped for a delicious coffee at the Brickworks cafe (water in his case). He did not lunge at other dogs going by except one large male lab.

TH Chi on walk

We were out for about 2 hours exploring and relaxing in the sunshine. He and I both came back exhausted. We will have more adventures this weekend.

What will you be doing with your dog? Will you be out walking the dog somewhere exciting? Join our Fit Dog Hop and Share Inspiration, Tips and Experiences.



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  • Good for Kilo – I agree safety in numbers. Our Maggie doesn’t like going anywhere without her big brother Jack to protect her.

  • That looks like such a cool place! I’m glad that Kilo felt more confident with all of you walking with him. Hopefully he remembers that positive experience the next time you adventure, too!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks Beth. Yes I am hoping he will. It was weird that he seemed to get more anxious over winter, even with lots of positive reinforcement, rather than less. However he is quite a bit better with most people these days as long as we avoid triggers and maintain structure. XS

  • Exploring new places is always so fun, so much new stuff to sniff. Hopefully, if Kilo gets out of his “zone” more and more, he will start liking it more.

  • Cosmo always felt better walking in a “pack” too. I think it’s a great confidence builder. Kilo did a great job! Looks like a fun walk!

  • We agree! Exercise all the way.


  • Glad he adjusted ok. Looks like a great place for humans and dogs. I love places that are dog friendly!

  • We’ll be taking a reactive dog class this weekend!

  • The Evergreen Brick Works sounds like a wonderful preservation area! I’m glad you had fun walking & practiced nice walking behavior with the treats! Knowing the right kind of motivation works wonders!