Weekend Breaks

Last weekend, my husband and I went to visit a very good friend in Minneapolis for the first time. Unfortunately Kilo the Pug could not make the trip but my friend has a new Portuguese Water Dog puppy Buster- what a cutie. Kilo had reason to be jealous.


Such a thoughtful puppy, helping me take off my shoes after our hike.


We loved Minneapolis -what a fantastic city. It is a great example of planning for an active lifestyle with beautiful lakes, parks, pedestrian paths and bike paths all around right near down town. Their rails to trails program has created wonderful safe areas to explore.



We were so impressed. We walked 4 miles to a great spot for brunch then around the lake our friend lives on. We rented bikes and biked 3 miles on the one way bike path- so relaxing. We rented a paddle boat and paddled for half an hour.


It is a very dog friendly city with lots of dogs walking along the lake paths on leash and some beautiful off-leash areas split by size.  Saw lots of poodles, a beautiful husky and husky Aussie mix, a Chessie, and many other breeds, all out getting active and having fun.








IMG_4428  off leash dog park

We also took a walk by the river and through some historical areas.

IMG_4496 This cute little statue was outside the restaurant we went to for brunch. We ate so well every meal.


Then we saw this at the very cool sculpture garden.


All in all one of our more successful and active weekend breaks.





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  • I spent a summer there long ago, thanks for the memories.

  • What a fun group of pups…Love that photos of the duck and ducklings.

  • What a cute puppy! Minneapolis would be fun to visit but I don’t think I could handle their winters!

  • I’ve only been to the airport there, but now I think I’ll have to find a time to actually visit Minneapolis! Looks like you had plenty of cute dogs to keep you company while you were away from Kilo (but I still think he’s one of the very cutest!).

  • Very cool. When you saw the Chessie, did you recognize it as a Chessie?

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yes thanks to you. That’s why I grabbed a pic. The owner was rather surprised I knew LOL- a nice Dad and daughter. I thought the dog might be interested in the duck and ducklings right next to the shore but no- I guess not as active/trained. XS

  • Geez, wish we had known you were here since we live in the Twin Cities! You must have been at Lake Calhoun? The lakes are pretty and fun, but unless it is a weekday, we never go there, too crowded. We find Minnesota very not dog friendly compared to other larger cities, but it is what it is. There are tons of parks and trails all of which are dog friendly which matters more to us than restaurants or stores. Let us know next time you are here!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Oh no. I wish I had known. I would have loved to say hi. We went last minute. My friend’s house is right on Lake of The Isles- just gorgeous. Then we had coffee and biked and walked around Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles. My husband biked across town to the river. We loved the trails and parks and saw a lot of people out walking with dogs – particularly purebred very stylish poodles near our house. We did not actually check dog friendliness in terms of restaurants or shops as my friend’s puppy is so young (I did shop a little at the outlets as it was cold on Monday- very happy with my purchases). Next time and maybe you can recommend some good activities/trainers etc for my friend once her puppy is bigger. She has recently moved back there.X Susie

  • I love active weekend breaks! You’re right, Minneapolis does look to be very dog friendly ~ I love exploring cities with our pups in tow!

  • Looks like a great visit with plenty of cute dogs to get your dog fix!