Weight Loss Success- Poncho Update!

We finally felt some spring weather here in Toronto! Talent Hounds had a great time teaming up with our pal  and GoPro wiz Rich from Stella Cam for a fun shoot in the park : a first off leash play date for Shivers AKA Pippy in “Pippy Love”.

Adorable but overweight older brother Poncho was there to get active and join in the fun! His weight loss program is going well in spite of the brutal winter we have had. Poncho has ditched the high fat human food for more healthy options in smaller amounts. He is getting lots of exercise keeping up with rest of the pack, but at his own pace! Check the puppies out:




Socializing safely in an off leash park is a great way for your dog to get active and have fun once they are old enough! We love Thompson Park shown here as they have separate areas for small, medium and big dogs.

Here are some more Talent Hound Tips!





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