These Talented Dogs are Special- Watch them in Water

We spent last weekend up at the cottage in Muskoka again, enjoying the water with dogs including puppy Buster. We were swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and dock diving. We all had a ball and got great exercise. Buster’s swimming was pretty impressive for an 8-month-old beginner and he sure looks fit.  As the summer draws to a close, we wanted to showcase two other incredible but very different videos of dogs in water we saw this week.

First our friend Surf Dog Ricochet- this brought tears

Logan is 4 years old and has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). He and several other children with this horrible disease got to surf with Ricochet to raise awareness of the disease… and to have FUN! He was concerned about sharks, but as soon as he rode his first wave, he forgot about them and wanted to go again, and again, and again!  The joy and freedom Logan felt, doing something he could have only dreamed of, is captured in this heartwarming and uplifting video. What an inspiration!


I love dogs, surfing and water, so I think it is incredible how Judy, Ricochet and all their volunteers are able to share this with these children. Find out more here:,,

Super Boston Terrier Diving Otter Dogs Roo (aka Michael Phelps) and Emma

Then this hilarious video of these Boston Terriers.  You won’t believe what they can do. I have seen the Underwater Dogs photos and Border Collies and Chihuahuas dip their heads in water or dive for things, but this was a first. I was blown away as I just can not imagine Kilo trying that. I’d be so nervous about him sinking or inhaling water, however, these dogs clearly love swimming, diving and retrieving. Just look at their enthusiasm.


We spent Friday morning by the lake interviewing Marybeth Haines about her new book and sharing 7 practical tips to deal with Pet Loss. You can see the video and tips on Sunday for Pet Memorial Day. Kilo got plenty of walking and playing in. He really liked Marybeth’s rescue Chihuahua Nemo which was a huge breakthrough for me.

Susie Kilo Marybeth and Nemo

The great people and pups from NeoPaws gave Kilo a life jacket to try as I was worried about him falling in or swimming without help (I need to do some adjusting at home, but it is flexible enough to fit his big chest and small body).

Kilo trying life jacket

We will be doing an interview on Pet Safety with them next week as their products seem amazing. I might finally be able to teach him to swim (with a lot of treats).

Does your dog love water? What sort of things do you do with your dog?




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