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TunnelPawlooza 2015

One of our favourite dog trainers Renee has opened a new facility for All About Dogs in Toronto. She is doing lots of fun activities. Check out the videos of TunnelPawlooza (a wonderful high energy fundraiser for Echo’s therapy pool- Project Echo), as well as both beginner and advanced House League Agility. Great action shots by Suhaymath Nasser on their YouTube Channel. The fit dogs sure look like they are enjoying themselves with their human partners!


Global Pet Expo

There is now a whole health section at Global Pet Expo. Healthy food, treats and other products have been showing very strong growth. We will do separate blogs on food and treats, as well as supplements and outdoor gear.

TH GPE FitPaws

I popped by to say hi to lovely Krista from DogTread, FitPaws and CanineGym. Lucky it was not a consumer show, as I wanted to buy several of the FitPaws Products right there on the spot. Not sure how I would have carried them back on the plane (my luggage was bursting and I hand-carried an amazing cat toilet seat from Cats of Thrones for Kilo).

I also saw two interesting companies with products to allow dogs to jog beside you on a bike or walk beside you in a wheel chair on a leash more safely.

TH GPE Bike5
TH GPE Bike 3


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