Cooking Scrambled Eggs with Kilo the Pug on Tasty Tuesday

TH Kilo look

I was pretty exhausted last night, so I decided to cook something simple and delicious that Kilo and I could both enjoy for dinner- Scrambled Eggs.

TH egg Kilo cookingBut first I checked “Can dogs eat eggs?” through various sources online. The answer was “YES!”.

Eggs are one of the good people foods for dogs.

TH Kilo finished eggs

Eggs apparently contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, folate, iron  and selenium. They are low in fat and calories, high in nutritional value for both of us. Inside the egg are all the nutrients necessary to grow a baby chick and they are a food source for many predators in the wild (including the shell for calcium if ground up).  Eggs are also a great source of amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

While some people are big fans of everything raw, others believe raw egg whites can cause biotin deficiency or various illnesses. This was not an issue as we were both having cooked. I also saw warnings to give eggs in moderation, as an addition to regular meals or a treat, maybe once or twice a week. Kilo has a regular high quality chicken kibble he loves and appears to do well on, plus he gets fresh fruit and vegetables as treats, so this works for us.

TH Kilo pug tongue out

Most dogs, including Kilo,  find eggs easy to digest and seem to enjoy the smell and the scrambled texture. So do I.  However my human daughter has an intolerance and can’t process them well at all.  Kilo and I both love hard boiled eggs too, especially on egg sandwiches.

TH scarmbled eggs panSo Kilo helped me crack 3 eggs and put them in a non-stick frypan over medium gas heat (I didn’t even need oil). I added a tiny bit of grated cheddar cheese for extra flavour then stirred them until moist but firm.

TH Kilo eggs bowl

He got a small share once it had cooled down and licked his plate clean even faster than me (I added a tiny drop of water to make his go further for him).

TH Kilo eating eggs

All in all, a very successful Cooking with Kilo meal. The only thing that would have made it better? BACON of course.


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