Tasty Tuesday Time – Dog Chews

Kilo loves to chew. He chews toys, socks, shoes, fingers and “chews”. Chewing really relaxes him. He gets such a look of satisfaction and often nods off after a good chew. All natural Beef Pizzles or Bully Sticks are a great alternative to rawhide chews or shoes or fingers.

Kilo + Pizzle

It seemed appropriate to review our favourite dog chews today for Tasty Tuesday – Bullwrinkles.  Kilo seems to really love the smell, texture and taste. Kilo was not happy when I stopped to take a photo with the bags.

TH Kilo bag chews

They are Canadian like us, but available in the US too. We received some samples and have worked with Eurocan on their marketing and charitable efforts, including our Rescues Rock Campaign. We were not compensated for this review. We felt it might be of interest to our readers, especially friends outside Canada who might not be as familiar with the brand.

Bullwrinkles Dog Chews

TH Eurocan group 2

Talent Hounds went to Ontario, Canada farm country to the charming hamlet of New Hamburg and Barnsdale Farms® to tour the Eurocan/Bullwrinkles Factory and interview the Manufacturer with several other writers including award winning author Susan Ewing and fellow Canadian dynamo Amy from Pet Guide.

Bullwrinkles® all natural dog treats have been produced there since 1989. The same U.S. and Canadian farmers, ranchers and CFIA / FDA inspected and approved butchers that supply local grocery stores, also supply the raw materials they process in the food-grade plant. They have three brands Bullwrinkles (the original Beef Pizzle Bully Chews), and Barnsdale Farms and Barnsdale Select treats and bones.

Owner Mauro said “Dogs of all ages and sizes LOVE Bullwrinkles® and Barnsdale Farms beef, chicken and pork chews and treats because they are highly digestible and taste great! Pet Parents LOVE them because they come from a trusted local source, are made without additives or preservatives, and have many wellness benefits.”oKuown4lna6QfR5Tz0XTeisdv6GtJImBufHif26Utow

I confess I was not familiar with Beef Pizzles before I met the people from Bullwrinkles. I did not even realize what they were exactly (an awkward question in our first interview at a trade show).


During the factory visit, I followed the manufacturing process from when they bring in the raw US or Canadian Bull Pizzles (which were bigger than I imagined, not that I had actually imagined, and looked a bit like intestines) through the slow cooking hanging on racks in giant ovens then smoking over several days to the modern packaging. I was impressed with the attention to food safety and the fact that there are no added ingredients or preservatives.

TH Eurocan pizzles dried

It turns out that Bullwrinkles Beef Pizzles are:

  • High in protein, low in fat
  • 100% natural
  • Made in Canada, sourced in US and Canada in human grade conditions.
  • Contain naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin which are believed to offer health benefits.
  • After the extended heating and smoking process, they are so hard they need to be cut with a saw and they do not splinter.
  • The irregular tough surfaces often help remove plaque from teeth when your dog chews them.

Bullwrinkles have a meaty smell but not too strong. I was worried Kilo might try to swallow the smaller pieces of Bullwrinkles Sticks whole and choke as he is so greedy. However he savours, sucks and chews them for hours. I remove the last little bits (Manufacturers tend to recommend you supervise chewing and remove the ends to minimize any risk).

All in all, a big success in our house.

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  • Great review, my gang would have to try those, I’ve never given them anything like that so this would be great to choose.

  • My dogs are drooling! Great review.

  • HA! I have no doubt that Kilo loved his pizzles! Our pups love bullysticks, too 😉 They’re such a great way of keeping them entertained whenever I don’t have as much time for the pups as I would like.

  • First time hearing of this brand – it is so cool that you were able to tour the factory! Harley has always loved bullysticks so we will have to keep an eye out for Bullwrinkles!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yes. After hearing about products from China and other issues, it was really reassuring to actually see their raw materials, conditions and processes. Kilo loves his Bullwrinkles “chewies”. XS