Fun in The Adirondacks with Fitbit

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends. I spent last weekend hiking, golfing and swimming in Keene NY in The Adirondacks with some of my closest friends. They have a beautiful cabin in the mountains quite near Lake Placid.

TH Susie & Tex Keene Pond

The weather and vistas were spectacular. The “pond” water was even warm enough for me.

Their gorgeous dog, Stanley the Border Terrier, loved the hiking and swimming.

TH stan in Adirondacks

My friends had recently got stylish slim new Fitbit Flexes and were very enthusiastic about counting their steps.


They have signed up for online tracking and group competitions with other family members.

Of course , it seems so much easier to get out and walk or swim when the sun is shining and you have great places to explore, but I also think that devices like Fitbit might motivate me.

Many people find it rewarding to set goals, track activity and calories, then share or compare. Joining an online forum like or  the Fitbit online community can also help one lead a more active healthy life.You’re just steps away from better fitness.

I have decided to get my own Fitbit and to list them on the site. If you would like to purchase a Fitbit shop here:

Free shipping with orders over $50 at! Get Fitbit now and Get Fit.

Read our Fitbit product review HERE

More on wearables HERE

Happy Fit Dog Friday! Have fun and be safe this July 4th

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