Getting fit with Kilo the Pug

My new little walking buddy is doing wonders for my Fitbit Step Count. We take him for 2 medium walks and 3 short ones a day- he is high on energy in bursts but not great stamina, so perfect for me and my bad knees. We also play with toys whenever he wants to chew- he thought it was funny to steal my socks after our walk this morning but quickly traded them for his stuffed turtle.

TH Kilo pose parkTH Kilo sit

He is in really great shape, but very food motivated, so I measure his food and feed him twice a day, then mix up treats including fruit and little pieces of carrot (his favourite is the Barnsdale Farm Chicken Fingers but he only gets tiny bits of them at a time. He also enjoys melon. I’ll be trying some of the recipes from this HOP)

TH Kilo & I park TH Kilo & Ange

He loves walking and the park and ravine at the end of my street, but I have to be careful there are no other dogs off leash as he still goes crazy lunging, growling and looking fierce if he sees a dog or cat. Ange and I just took him down there now.

TH Kilo hike

He also had a great time walking down by the waterfront, although quite overwhelming. He walked to the bank with me yesterday and only tried to look tough to a guy working on the stairs. Seemed to understand he should be nice to the bank staff for me- clever pup.

TH Kilo too cute park

He is very enthusiastic about all the smells and terrains – all new I imagine as he did not get out or get socialized much before. He will sit, stay and come at home, but not reliable enough yet to go off leash anywhere. He is getting better on a leash every day and loves being next to me. Rescues Rock- Happy Fit Dog Friday

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