Kilo is such a handsome little charmer, but he always seems hungry.

He is a Greedy Pug– he loves food more than anything.
TH Kilo more 2
We keep his water bowl and food bowl on a mat in the breakfast room off the kitchen. He gets half a cup of high quality kibble in the morning and evening, then sometimes a low cal little fruit/vegie snack at lunch after doing some training. Then a variety of treats to reward behaviours we are trying to shape and change attitudes.

Lately, when anyone is in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up, he goes and bangs his dish on the floor to get attention, then looks up longingly with those big brown eyes. Just like Oliver Twist “Please Sir, can I have some more? You are starving me.” He tries different sit poses which we find very funny- he’s no dummy.

TH Kilo- please mum more

It is so tempting to give him treats or snacks, as they seem to make him so happy. As a foodie myself, I sympathize. However I try to ignore him if we are cooking or eating, take him out for a quick walk, play a game with one of his toys or do some training. He does also love playing, chasing and chewing toys. I try to remember “Food is not Love” thank you Slim Doggy Steve.

TH Kilo eat toy

I am sure the more safe exercise he gets, the calmer and happier Kilo will be.  He can be so hyper and badgers me for attention between naps. I have 3 flights of stairs so we both go up and down all day. We walk around the neighbourhood several times a day, trying to vary the routes a little. I gently, carefully expose him to strangers (walking, working and on bikes etc) and dogs on leashes- not doing too well at that yet.  We went to a new park yesterday and he seemed to like it more than the ravine park at the end of our street. No dogs off leash to worry about, groomed grass,  municipal tennis courts and safe action to look at. There were even some dog-loving construction workers having a break to bark and growl at. They were not at all afraid or intimidated which was great, as it made it way less worthwhile for him.

So many activities I’d love to take him to, but he is just not ready yet. I set up a little cushion agility run across the house. He loves it. He is super fast, has great balance and can jump. He loves jumping up on things and people. He can jump unbelievably high – he is a little black Ninja Pug (I don’t encourage that as don’t want an injury or him reaching food and other items he might steal).  I may see if I can get him a private agility class next week.

I always welcome healthy snack suggestions and fun indoor activity and game ideas. Happy Fit Dog Friday.

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  • Sounds like a challenge to keep him worn out. We have a treat ball that Mom has used a lot with my sisters. I never needed it. It keeps Katie or Bailie busy for a long time. When Bailie was new, Mom put her entire meal in there so it took her a long time to eat but when she was done, she was full and a bit tired out. Happy FitDog Friday!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks- great idea!! He really loves his red Kong. I got a treat ball for him but he did not seem to like it much. The holes are a bit big so maybe too easy. I will try the ball again, and look at some new ones. Have a fun weekend. X Kilo and Susie

  • He is such a cutie! I understand how hard it is remember that food is not love, especially when they’ve got the cute factor working against you 🙂

  • Any veggies you could break up as treats? Green beans or even fruit cut up? Our dogs are large so they can afford the extra calories of a 10 cal treat now and again, but it must be hard to find a treat for a small dog.

  • An interesting technique that Sallie has used at the shelter is taking a large tupperware type container, filling it with a combination of water (or a blend of water and chicken broth), kibble, and some treats and putting that in the freezer. Let it freeze solid and use that as the way you deliver the meal. It is a little messy as it melts, but the process of chewing on the ice and trying provides good activity and stimulation for the dog. Oh yeah, if you can remove the ice block from the tupperware before giving it out.

  • Next month, we’re doing a clicker training challenge with a box for our training blog hop. Basically you shape the dog to do some kind of interactive activity with the box (fetch it, hop in it, walk around it etc). We’d love it if you and Kilo would join! I think shaping is probably Mr. N’s favorite indoor activity.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      We have a new clicker and start training this week so we would be delighted. That is exactly what we try to do with appealing, simple things like boxes every day. He has not heard the clicker before so a bit new for both of us. Thanks- have a great weekend XS

  • I am seriously in love with his face. <3

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I know right – so hard to resist. Such a love bug when he is good. Have a great weekend with your lovely furfam XS

  • He’s licking his chops just waiting for a snack.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yep-indeed he is (but so am I so I get it). Both actually doing slightly better this week. Love your tips thanks!!!!

  • For indoor exercise we like playing chase … we have a circular route through the living room, kitchen and dining room! I switch directions and Rocco loves to follow. Great drill for agility too!