Happy Valentine’s Day from gorgeous Fit Dogs  Sweetie and Sheby Star who keep very active doing tricks, playing games and walking.


Experts recommend that humans and dogs be physically active at least 30-60 minutes a day to stay healthy, and walking is one of the easiest ways to achieve this.  This  past week, as the deep freeze continued, I did more than my fair share of walking (and running) and met lots of  Fit Dogs and new friends. I flew to NJ and NY for  Super Pet Expo , then the Westminster KC Dog Show!

Sunday I walked the floor at Super Pet Expo then more than a mile towards the train station before a good samaritan gave me a ride (no cel service to call a cab)!    See Hot Diggity article HERE.

I was lucky to catch the Marvelous Mutts Canine Spectacular! The Marvelous Mutts are made up of rescued,  well-trained Fit Dogs. They showed off their agility, disc and dock jumping skills. Their athletic abilities are truly electrifying and inspiring! Fit Dogs and Rescues Rock!!

photo photo


Then I caught renowned trainers Dawn Wolfe and Babette Haggerty doing their talk on Getting your Dog on TV. They were supported by Babette’s young Fit Dog.


On Monday and Tuesday, I walked 30 minutes each way from my hotel to the Westminster KC Dog Show. I then walked the exhibitors’ area and the 2 Piers (92 & 94) to see all the Rings and the Benching areas and meet up with friends.. It was my first time and I was interested that they call showing a “Sport” . I was impressed with how fit all the competitors looked and how much fun they seemed to be having. I went and got licks and hugs from many of them and lots of pics- see Hot Diggity article HERE.

TH Westminster photo

Also met an Agility Champion we will be featuring in Fit Dogs Rock!:


It was great to get a workout walking and to see Fit Dogs being celebrated! Wish I was wearing my FitBit tracker to know just how many steps I took.

Glad I flew out of Newark just before the big storm hit.

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  • Oh how fun! You’re right that show dogs need to be fit and healthy and believe it or not, there is some training and technique behind making them look so good in the ring! They make it look easy, but it’s not always easy to get your dog to walk nicely and with their head up…. not snorfling every treat bit they find on the floor! Sounds like a great couple of day!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco

  • You had a fun week! I love watching dogs perform.

  • Wow, you’ve been busy! 🙂 I’m really jealous you got to go to Westminster, I’ve always wanted to attend!

  • Hi Y’all!

    Glad y’all escaped the weather too! Great post and sounds like lots and lots of walkin’. Maybe knowin’ how much you really did would have exhausted you!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  • That sounds like such a great trip! I’m always amazed by the athletic abilities of dogs–we’ve been doing agility training for about two years (just for fun and to help my reactive dog focus when around other dogs, not for competition) and I’m always impressed by how easy the dogs make it look once they get the hang of things! (And I love the Valentine pictures–what sweet valentines!)

  • Haha..I wear a FitBit too….helps me keep track of all our activities too!!! Sound like both of you were working hard!!