Holiday Gifts & Fun for Dogs

With the holiday gift season coming up, we want to give away a $100 VISA gift card and some Bullwrinkles and/or Barnsdale Farms Treats.

TH Kilo plus toys and treats

I started thinking about how I would spend the $100 (I am not eligible to win my own Holiday Gifts Contest of course, but I like daydreaming):

Agility and “Pupilates” Equipment

Kilo has started agility lessons at a local indoor facility and loves them. He is not keen on going outside in cold, rain or snow so I need to find ways to exercise his mind and body through winter. I had major equipment envy when I saw Diane and Rocco Havanese doing agility and working out indoors at Barkworld – watch the cute video. Rocco looks so happy.

Linzy and Remi from our Rescues Rock episode also have similar very handy portable Weave and Jump sets.



Slimdoggy Steve and Jack seem to use lots of wonderful workout equipment.

We looked online and I could actually buy some equipment with $100 then use the treats to train Kilo at home. He is currently using cushions and chairs to practise.

Dog Toys and Games

Toy Story 4 is in the news which made us think that Kilo the Pug would also enjoy some more toys and games. He really relaxes when he sucks and chews on his soft toys, and he has so much fun getting kibble our of his ball, his chewy bone and his rope and cup toy. Of course his favourite toys of the moment are my daughter’s empty plastic water bottles. The crackling noise delights him and he can throw them up and catch them and carry them around easily.

TH Kilo with bottle wanting treat

He will chase all his toys endlessly back and forth across the house, then stash them in his crate like a pirate. He can not quite grasp the retrieving and bringing to me concept yet unfortunately, but he does occupy himself and get great exercise.

How would you spend the $100 if you win the Holiday Gift Contest? What’s on your holiday wishlist and how will you keep your dog fit burning calories over the holidays?

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  • Rocco sure is an inspiration – he looks like he loves it doesn’t he!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I know- that’s exactly what I thought. He looks like he is just having a great time. He is very strong with great balance too. Such an adorable dog.

  • I kind of want a Treat and Train type device for Mr. N to work on his separation anxiety.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Sounds like a cool idea. I have seen a few interesting ones in development that dispense treats remotely. Have a great weekend with Mr. N

  • Hope this isn’t my third comment, but for some reason, the other two are not showing up! Great giveaway and love your ideas list!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      No- I’ll check that. Honestly technology drives me nuts. I upped security as kept getting bots but then challenges for myself and friends. So sorry about that, appreciate the comment!!! Glad you like the giveaway and ideas. Have such a great weekend XS

  • We posted your video today too! I love it! I think I’d like to get a Bosu next or a Fit Paws Peanut.

  • Winter will be challenging! Our house is small so there’s not a lot of space to do things indoors so we have to get creative. We do have enough room to set up the small tunnel, and we won a balance bone I want to work with Luke on. We haven’t done much with agility but I’d love to try some things with him, and wonder if there is an indoor weave set? We have one for outdoors. I’m looking forward to going Christmas shopping and seeing what I can find!

  • that was a great video you did of Rocco. I could get lots of treats with 100 and some beds and dummies for training. Have a great weekend

  • Ooo I could easily spend $100. I find myself needing a new large black kong since Freighter started breaking the edge off the one we had (in the trash now). Those bell shaped kongs are their favorite yard fetching toys. They even work great in the snow!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Me too LOL. Kilo loves red Kongs. We play fetch (although more like chase in his case), and he relaxes sucking and chewing a small one every night at bed time. Then I stuff some and leave in the freezer. XS

  • Profile photo of
    Denis Spittel 3 years ago

    Katrin loves Kongs toys and other toys.