It is Fit Dog Friday. Keeping your dog active is good for minds and bodies (theirs and yours).


Some breeds need lots of exercise each day, as well as mental challenges and games.  They enjoy running, chasing and herding.

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Of course you can have fun throwing a ball in the garden or park but if you want to take it a step further, we watched a wonderful class in a newish sport from Germany called Treibball up at the Red Barn Event Centre with Trainer Cassandra Hartman from Cassandra’s Canines. It is particularly fun for herding dogs as they herd balls. Or look for actual herding courses and trials near you.

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We also heard about Exercise Ball Conditioning for dogs from Cassandra.

Cassandra suggested “Ball conditioning can be a great way to keep dogs fit and use different muscle groups, increase spatial awareness and develop fabulous core strength, balance and dexterity! These are all great ways to reduce and/or prevent injury for sports dogs as well and have fun working out together.”

Fun Fitness Ideas- Ball Work for Dogs

She shared  the exercise ball conditioning she does with her high energy, well trained dogs in this video CLICK HERE TO WATCH. *Note exercises are advanced in this video and should not be attempted by a novice. Seek out a trainer just as you would at the gym for your own Ball Work or a canine physio therapist to help you get started! Consult with your vet before starting a new physical activity to make sure age and breed appropriate for your dog. Share any tips ideas and comments. Have fun!

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