Keeping Fit with Kilo- exercise and calorie watching

I found my Fitbit charger last night. I confess I “lost” it (in my bedside drawer it turns out) three or four weeks ago and was too busy with the TV launch to look for it.  I should be back counting again today. I’m excited to see how many more steps I’m taking now I have Kilo. I am sure it builds up, as we take so many short walks. I know my knees and feet hurt and my favourite pants feel a little looser. In line with Slim Doggy’s post today, I know I get more exercise with Kilo.

However I also know that the only way I am going to lose weight is if I cut back my calories. I am planning to do just that now that I should have a little less stress at work with the TV episodes delivered. I am also keeping a very close eye on Kilo’s weight. He has put on a tiny amount of muscle but he was very thin when he arrived and he is still in really excellent shape. He burns a lot of calories when he gets stressed on walks seeing another dog, or zooms around after toys, or jumps up on or over things, or runs up and down the stairs 50 times a day.


His behavioural modification training requires lots of rewards, and treats work very well for him.  Luckily he loves fruit, vegetables, chicken, all beef hot dogs, minced meat and home made frozen ice creams, as well as his Barnsdale Farm chicken fingers (they gave me a big bag to help with his training). He gets mainly low cal with a few higher value ones thrown in for higher stress situations. He and I both snack on green beans and carrots very happily. Then I cut back his kibble slightly for breakfast and dinner and use that as well.

Have you checked out the amazing calorie counter for dogs from Slim Doggy and HERE or on your mobile device.

To increase his mental and physical exercise, I am starting Kilo in beginner agility at Pawsway next week which should be great for both of us. They often have times when there are no other dogs and I think he’ll love it once he gets over the new place and people. He was there briefly on Sunday and did so well. He even made friends with a girl puppy and a young boy.

Here’s an inspirational video of some very well trained agility experts, The Woofjocks, from our Fit Dogs Rock Episode performing. I’d love to see Kilo doing that one day.
If anyone wants to buy a Fitbit, I am now an affiliate seller as I liked mine so much. Let me know if you do use this code HERE to purchase one and I’ll send you a $5.00 rebate and a surprise gift.
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  • Starting agility is going to be great and you will absolutely notice differences for Kilo and for yourself from running around that course! Thanks for the shout-out for SlimDoggy.

  • That is awesome you are staring with agility. Mom considered that with Bailie because Mom loves moving around and so does Bailie but decided that scent hounds should do what they were born to do…smell…so nose work are tracking are our destiny but no complaints and tracking really involves a lot of exercise which makes Mom happy. Thanks for joining the hop and look forward to hearing what the fitbit reports on your steps.

  • So good to hear that you are starting agility classes. I was thinking about getting Veruca into agility. Helping her stay slim and trim is very important because she only has one back leg. Agility might be fun if we take it slow. Right now she runs up and over picnic tables and sits on top of rocks so I know she has the ability.

  • How cool that you’re starting agility with Kilo! I bet he’ll love it.

  • I’m excited to hear about your agility experience with Kilo next week – I think he’ll absolutely thrive in that environment. And I agree that I’d be much less active if it wasn’t for my dog – she’s the perfect motivator.

  • Can’t wait to read more about your adventures in agility! 🙂

  • I have always thought about agility myself, but I am not quite sure I would have the time to train and everything that goes with it. Good for you!
    Thanks for linking yup to our pet parade!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  • Have fun at Agility! You both will enjoy it!