Kilo tries Dog Agility

TH Kilo waiting for treat weave

I finally took Kilo down to Pawsway Toronto and let him try Agility for the first time. They have an on-leash  beginner program with an instructor and basic course set up most afternoons.  You pay only $2.50. We were incredibly lucky. There was no one else there so we had a private lesson and no other dogs to upset him.

It was a dream for Kilo. He got lots of high value treats and praise, he had my undivided attention and he got to do what he loves – run, jump and climb.

TH Kilo AgilityRing

He was amazing. He did not mind the instructor/stranger as he was too busy getting treats and having fun with me. He showed no fear and raced up and down ramps, then mastered the see-saw right away (they had a sand bag for timid dogs but the instructor took it out after one go and he ran over it without even looking back). He jumped over the low jumps and through hoops, back and forth, as though he’d been training for months. He posed proudly after each success- so cute.

TH Kilo Agility ramp

I had a tiny bit of trouble with the weave at first, managing the leash, his treat and moving back wards as fast as him. He had trouble understanding why he should weave around poles when it would have been faster to go straight to the end and get a treat, but he got it eventually.

We decided not to do the tunnel this time as it would have meant the instructor taking him to one end, away from me, and letting go of his leash and hoping he would run forward through it – none of us were too keen on the idea.

TH Kilo Agility Jump

A few people arrived to watch from behind a barrier and he was fine. He even did a few of his new tricks like High 5 and Dance for them. I find that doing tricks for treats calms him down and distracts him from anything he might otherwise react to, even on walks.

TH Kilo Agility ramp 2

I’ll be taking him back, maybe even as soon as today. It was wonderful mental and physical exercise for him. I’ll also be looking for somewhere fully enclosed so he can safely try off leash once he has had a few more practises. Happy Fit Dog Friday

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  • That sounds awesome! Glad he did so well and had so much fun. Maybe if he loves it so much he will focus on it and not mind other dogs and humans as much.

  • He looks like he’s enjoying himself! Is he not reliable off-leash?

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      He had a ball. No not reliable at all yet. Still needs a lot of work on socializing and obedience but doing really well. Have a great weekend. XS

  • Looks like fun! My dogs like playing agility in other people’s yards, but we got some equipment at home, and they want no part of it. Strange dogs.

  • What a great time – I’m so glad he enjoyed it so much!

  • It looks like he had a blast! Agility has been great for my Barley’s reactions to other dogs–she stays so busy that she doesn’t have much time to focus on what other dogs are doing. Between turns, we play all sorts of focus games or go relax behind a barrier where she can’t see the other dogs. It’s done wonders for her out in the real world, too, because she’s gotten more used to seeing other dogs running around in a controlled environment. So glad that Kilo was able to have such a fun time!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Sounds like Barley and Kilo have quite a bit in common. Thanks. We can’t wait to do more. What focus games do you play?

  • That was really great timing for you – able to have the whole place to yourself for him to get used to it. Sounds like he didn’t even need any warming either, he jumped right in. It’s so sweet to see him enjoying himself like that with something new 🙂

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks Jen- it certainly was. He didn’t overdo it – we took it slowly as first time. He loved it!! It honestly was so sweet- thanks for noticing. X Susie & Kilo