Merrick Dog Food Review with Kilo the Pug

Good health starts with a good diet so I am always looking to give my little Kilo the Pug the best. He really loves to eat. In fact, he is obsessed.  I try to balance keeping him slim and fit with keeping him happy and calm, and training him. He gets a small amount of dry kibble with different things including water and occasionally wet food added twice a day. He also “works” for kibble, raw vegies or other treats throughout the day doing tricks, puzzles, games, and training. He couldn’t believe his good fortune getting to do a food review- that’s his kind of work.

Susie and Kilo checking out new food from Merrick at Canadian Pet Expo

I was lucky enough to meet people from Merrick Pet Food recently at Global Pet Expo, Canadian Pet Expo and a Charity Gala, Wigglebutts Uncorked. They kindly gave me some free food to try with Kilo the Pug.  We received no other compensation and the opinions are those of Talent Hounds and Kilo the Pug only – Merrick is not responsible for the contents of this post although I did get some information from the packaging and website.

Kilo the pug poses with bag and cans of Merrick food

We have now tried BACKCOUNTRY Raw Infused Dry (the Big Game Recipe) and 3 types of wet food from the can. Kilo the Pug has absolutely loved everything so far!

Grain-Free with Real Meat and Vegetables

I love that this food is grain-free, high-quality, high-protein and they list the number one ingredient, a real meat. Their recipes start with real deboned meat as the first ingredient to provide leading levels of quality protein and also include farm-fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, blueberries, peas and more. The main meat was deboned Lamb in the Backcountry Big Game Dry Recipe with Lamb, Buffalo and Venison.

Freeze-dried Raw

Close up of Merrick food in Susies hand

The dry has very generous servings of freeze-dried raw bites.  I have been hearing about all the health benefits of a good raw diet for dogs. A protein-rich natural raw diet does seem to make sense but I have not really wanted to switch 100% yet. Freeze-dried bites of meat, poultry or fish provide a nutritional raw boost in a convenient and safe format for Kilo and I.

Kilo the Pug want his Merrick food

Kilo certainly goes wild for the meaty taste of the freeze-dried raw pieces infused in Merrick’s BACKCOUNTRY grain-free kibble + raw recipe. Look how happy he is in the video. It was a real test playing “wait”. His only complaint- he wanted more of everything.


The kibble is a good size and texture for Kilo.

Merrick : Making the wholesome, nutritious recipes that pets deserve.

In 1988, Garth Merrick founded Merrick Pet Care with his wife, Susie, and their four children at his ranch in Hereford, Texas just outside of Amarillo.

Our faith, family, and country have always been at the core of what our company is about. It was true when we started, and it’s still the same today. At Merrick, we don’t just make pet food. We make the Best Food Ever.” –Garth Merrick

Merrick began with the Flossie, a hearty, healthy treat that also helps clean dogs’ teeth.  Then they began creating handcrafted, all-natural pet food with the freshest, highest quality, nutritious ingredients available.

In 2003, they introduced recipes like Grammy’s Pot Pie, Turducken and Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Then, in 2004, they created their award-winning grain free dry recipes with chicken, beef or buffalo as the first ingredient for the protein and taste dogs love.

They believe whole foods made in small batches don’t just taste better — they’re better for your pet.

After more than 20 years of innovation, they started the “Real Food Revolution” in 2012 by reformulating the Classic and Grain Free lines of dog food with new recipes that were unsurpassed in quality, nutrition, and taste.

Kilo the pug with Merrick dry food

Merrick Gives Back To Rescue Dogs, Shelters, and K9s for Warriors

I like to support a brand that is not only good for my little rescue, Kilo the Pug, but that makes a difference to other dogs in need.

  • In 2015 Merrick donated to 25 pet shelters nationwide after their ‘Homeruns for Shelters’ Facebook Program
  • Evanston Animal Shelter partners with Merrick to provide Evanston’s homeless dogs with quality nutrition
  • At Global Pet Expo, Merrick announced they would be providing food for the amazing K9’s for Warriors Program
  • At Wigglebutts Uncorked, they showed how they gave abused shelter puppy Baby Joey the best day ever and have been sponsoring his recovery.

What do you feed your dog? Grain- free, raw, kibble, wet, home-made?

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  • We have been big Merrick fans for years. My two girls currently eat Merrick Grain Free kibble, and all 3 of my dogs eat the canned!

  • Mr. N eats raw mostly with the very occasional meal of canned or home cooked. He is super picky though!

  • Glad Kilo the Pug liked the food! That video was too cute.

  • I love hearing about companies that give back. So pleased to learn that Merrick supports rescue dogs, shelters, and K9s for Warriors!

  • Love the ‘paw on hand’ photo! Glad Kilo is enjoying the new food.

  • This dog food looks great! Kilo seems very happy with it. Merrick has always done a great job keeping their foods high-quality. I’m happy to see how much they are giving back too!

  • Freeze dried raw bites sound awesome – I’ll look for these and use them in puzzle toys! We just tested Merrick’s jerky treats and they were a huge hit with the hounds. The K9 Warriors partnership is SO cool as well!

  • I too am loving the freeze dried raw being introduced into foods. Mary is doing so well with it. Merrick sounds like a food she would enjoy. Being a senior dog, the healthier I can keep her, I believe the longer I will keep her around. Great post. Thank you so much for sharing the great benefits of Merrick’s Dog Food

  • How fabulous that they give back – we dig Merrick for just this reason! Great tasty tidbits and kind souls! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • This looks really interesting. I feed my doodle kibble with raw mixed in and they love the added meat. I may need to give this a try!

  • I don’t have dogs but I feed my cats homemade raw. I’m always looking for alternatives to use in an emergency or when someone else is caring for them. Merrick is one of the companies whose products I am comfortable purchasing.

  • I always prefer to buy from companies that give back. I have heard a lot of good things about Merrick dog food.

  • I am thrilled about the many healthy options available on the market these days. I also love hearing about brands that give back to rescue organizations. #RESCUES ROCK. Kilo is especially adorable.

  • We are fans of Merrick and so nice to see your cutie eating it!

  • Sounds and looks yummy…good review!

  • Thanks for the great review! I love how the company donates, too. Kilo, you are a (p)awesome model!

  • What an interesting company story– I remember buying their canned food for a fostered puppy who survived distemper and was adopted by his caregiver. Good nutrition is so important, especially for ill and stressed dogs. It’s wonderful they are supporting shelters and have partnered with Evanston’s shelter to optimize health there. Thanks for this review!

  • Truffle and Brulee love the Merrick canned food. We need to try the dry kibble.

  • I’ve heard great things about Merick, and I’m glad that Kilo is enjoying the freeze-dried pieces in his food. I really love it when companies give back to animal rescues and shelters.

  • I fed Merrick’s exclusively to a puppy recovering from distemper, who was then adopted by his caregiver =) Thanks for this interesting post on the company’s history, their food, and their charitable work!

  • I am a big fan of Merrick. They’ve done a lot of good stuff, and their food is of higher quality than the average brand. Thanks for the review!

  • I often seen Merrick Pet Food at Vet Conferences – nice review.

  • I heard nothing bu great things about Merrick – nice review