Move Your Mutt into the New Year! 2013 is coming to an end – that means the start of a new year to resolve to get fit & healthy!


Our friends at SlimDoggy and PetsMove invite you to the 2014 Move Your Mutt Health and Fitness Expo The first ever online exercise and health expo to help get you and your pet active and healthy. 


The expo kicks off January 1st with 3 days of video webinars on topics related to canine wellness, fitness, nutrition and feeding. The expo will lead into a Mutt-a-thon, a virtual workout gathering where you will have a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise to do with your pets. Make sure to log your pet’s activity on their diary page!

*Be sure to join as there will be prizes awarded to some lucky Mutt-a-thon participants! Not a member? Click HERE to register 

We would love everyone to submit photos and links to short videos of their activities to us here at and to the PetsMove site. We will be including some early submissions to us in our Fit Dogs Rock TV Episode and the top videos on PetsMove will be eligible for some great prizes (and bragging rights)!

We are especially looking for photos of Paddle Boarding, Doga, Strength Training, Work Outs & Surfing for the TV episode.


BE ProACTIVE There are so many different activities to choose from.  Here are a few of the more popular exercises to do with your dog:

  • Run, Walk, Hike & Bike
  • Strength Training  Try a muscle workout to activate the muscles and build strength. We even saw some cool ideas on Doga (Doggy Yoga)
  • Games like Fetch, Tag, Tug, Hide & Seek
  • Hill & Stairs Work.
  • Water sports like Swimming. For those with access to warm water or a doggy swim class, swimming is a low impact method to burn calories and keep muscle tone. Check out our tips for a Doggy Swim class HERE Lots of other fun water related activities like Surfing, Paddle Board and Dock Jumping too.
  • Agility  Check out some Talent Hounds staying fit with agility, a great workout for handlers too! HERE
  • Disc – see some disc stars HERE
  • Canine Freestyle See Dancing with your dog stars HERE

Need Inspiration? Check out all the Fit Dog Friday Blogs from Talent Hounds and our friends for great ideas and advice.

Often joining a Group or Meet Up live or online (like PetsMove) can really help.

Join the Resolve to Move Your Mutt Blog Hop below. All you need is a dog, a resolution and a camera :) Then join the Expo January 1st.

Good luck to all entering and have a safe and healthy New Year from Talent Hounds! Here’s to Happy Fit Dogs (and owners) in 2014!



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  • Thanks for helping us promote our Mutt-a-Thon and for joining our Hop. We hope we get a great turnout and 2014 becomes a real turn-around for pet health and fitness!

  • I love your list of ideas. I would love to get our dogs involved in agility and in herding trials too. We’re going to start looking into local options soon. But first, we’re going to go hiking. I ordered two books to help us find the best trails for dogs – I’m really excited. Four dogs on a mountain with me and my boyfriend. Good times!!!!