Move Your Mutt!

National Walk Your Dog Week October 1-7.

move your mutt pin with golden dog in the park

Adorable puppy crosses paws looking at camera

Sheby Star

Sheby Star says “Come on, what are you waiting for?”

Get out and get moving and have fun with your dog. This week We’ve had some lovely Fall days here, just great for walking in the ravines or parks.

Even 30 minutes a day walking can have health and emotional benefits for you and your dog.


sweetie the Jack Russell Terrier out for a walk in sunglasses

Sweetie looking cool on her walk

Sweetie says “Oh Yes, love my walks at the beach!”


And don’t forget to learn more and sign up for PetsMove HERE Help your dog live a longer and happier life and save unnecessary expenses by maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy weight and diet.  They just announced their movers of the month and prizes HERE Let us know your progress and share pics and we’ll celebrate here each week and choose some to feature on TV.

And look at the cool inspiration bands the folks at DogTread are offering to PetsMove members this week!

TH MoveYourMutt-300x285

Be the inspiration : MOVE YOUR MUTT!

And here’s some more inspirations- our video of dogs having Fun in the Sun at Cherry Beach off leash dog park to our “My Dog” song.

And join the blog hop for excellent tips from friends like Slim Doggy:

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  • The BEACH is always FUN. LOVE the song on the video. Happy FitDogFriday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  • Great video and great song. There’s nothing quite as soothing and fun as watching dogs play…I could do it all day long.

  • The more we get out and about the happier both of us are..We love and encourage everyone to join up and share their activities