New Fitbit Flex, new plan to get fit and lose weight

My new Fitbit Flex  arrived yesterday, just in time for a gorgeous sunny Friday and the start of a new diet and exercise plan.

TH Susie's Fitbit

I got the black as goes with everything and I must say, it looks very stylish and is pretty comfortable. I charged the little core tracker last night, then just set up it up on my computer.

The set up is easy and intuitive on

The dashboard and messages are very clean and clear- If you want to get fitter and lose weight, whether you are human or a pet, it’s as simple as 1,2,3

 1) Decrease food and calories in

2) Increase exercise and calories out, and

3) Drink lots of water, especially if warm weather. 

My initial target is 10,000 steps per day and to lose 1 1lb per week for 15 weeks..

I am just going for a walk to our local dog park at the end of my street, and I should get lots of hiking and swimming in Cottage Country this weekend with Maya (she’s ready for some fun below).

TH Maya ready

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(NB  I paid for my Fitbit and was not compensated for this article)

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