New Year’s Resolution- Be pro Active. As we celebrate with friends and work over the freezing holiday season, it is so easy to eat and drink more than we should and put off exercise (too cold, too icy, too dark outside and too busy- I did it yesterday and today and all last winter). We put on weight, our walks get shorter. Our dogs often suffer the consequences.

TH Uni 5

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I know I want to lose at least 10lbs and I know I should embrace winter like my pals in the pics- so time for another New Year’s Resolution. The problem is, a resolution is easier to make and break, than it is to keep. When it came down to it, I lacked the resolution to keep my resolution last year. Apparently, according to our friends at SlimDoggy, I am not alone- 80% of people fail to follow through.


To inspire people like me, we are currently making an episode of Talent Hounds called Fit Dogs Rock! celebrating fit dogs like below and suggesting ways to get active- see 10 Great Ways to Get Active With Your Dog HERE.



♥♥  Katrin Is Amazing ♥♥

We are also looking for a few overweight dogs (and possibly people) to join our Be proActive Challenge and be interviewed and get some great free tips/help.

We will be joining SlimDoggy’s new Blog Hop Resolve to Move Your Mutt and recommend everyone join and pay attention to the SlimDoggy app. Also hoping to get some tips from Steve to include in the episode. Enter our CONTEST  if you have some tips or want your Fit Dog featured in our episode Here or e-mail me info at




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  • Slimdoggy Steve is at your disposal for any tips or information for your episode. We will be publishing an article next week on our site about resolutions. This has some good tips about how to set a New Year’s resolution for your pet and how to keep it!

    Let us know how else we can help!

  • This is just so true, and that episode sounds great! We are going to join the blog hop too. We have joined PetsMove and it has really done a lot to help keep us motivated to keep moving. A little healthy competitiveness can go a long way! 🙂

  • Looks fun & you’re absolutely right – FitDogs do Rock!! Nice to be able to help make the change happen for others…..