New Year’s Resolutions for Kilo the Pug

1) Kilo and I both gained a tiny bit over the holidays so we both need to get into shape and get fitter/stronger.

I was very stressed moving house and then went to an all inclusive resort in Mexico with incredible food and cocktails. I had hurt my knees in the move going up and down stairs and lifting things, so more calories went in than out on the holiday.

TH Kilo walk

Kilo got lots of attention and exercise during the move, but then he was rather hyper and bored when we left for our week in the sun.  He stayed with family members in the house. His baby sitters found that the easiest way to calm him down was with food and chew toys. He loves to eat and chew obsessively, so it is always a challenge to resist his pleading. He really is a lot calmer and more affectionate if he eats and he always seems desperately hungry. He is not keen on walking far in the cold, so he has to make up for it with games, tricks and sprinting indoors. He also ran out of his usual kibble and I think the replacement had more calories. He was positively round, like a little bean, when we arrived back, but so happy. He is now back on the previous kibble and in his routine, and already looks much slimmer. I have been making delicious soups for him for lunch and dinner with small amounts of grilled chicken, sweet potato, beans, carrots and peas, as they make him feel fuller and he gets more water.  Then raw veggie treats and only a little banana now and then.

I thought about maybe swimming, as I swam a lot in Mexico and it is so good for you. However Kilo hates water and strangers so not an ideal fit in winter.

He and I are off to agility now and have had 2 walks and a few games this morning.

2) Kilo needs to make more human and dog friends and stop being so reactive.

TH KK & Stan

Here he is ready to go for a walk with his pal Stanley. He was not too happy having him in the house before the walk, but was fine once walking and after. Kilo even agreed to wear a red sweater like Stan as it was so cold with the wind chill, but he drew the line at his red boots. I’ll have to try some other brands.


3) Kilo is going to go for his Novice Trick Title and needs to learn some basic obedience.

We may need some one on one help from an experienced trainer, possibly one who understand pugs. He will do many of the tricks we try for treats, but I have had no success on basic obedience or theft prevention or certain tricks. As I did not really teach my previous dogs many tricks, and have not had a pug before, I am sure my lack of skill and experience contribute. Plus my husband says I spoil him rotten, and am not consistent enough, and we got him at 2 years old with a few bad habits and bad experiences under his belt.

Many of the members of his online trick group are Border Collies (our feature breed this month with a fun new contest). They seem to be able to communicate a little better and faster, but Kilo makes up for any extra effort and time required with incredible cuteness. He is so funny, his little face with huge eyes seems almost human sometimes and he does enjoy praise (just not as much as food).  He does understand quite a few words and signals already, he just doesn’t always respect or obey them.
Happy Fit Dog Friday Join the Hop and share your stories. Love to hear your comments and resolutions below.

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  • Wow – sounds like a busy holiday season – hope things quiet down for you and Kilo and you can get back into the fitness routine!

  • Hope everyone is back in top fit shape again soon. Good luck with your tricks, sounds like a fun project!

  • Mr. N is just about ready for his trick champion title but I need to scrape up the funds to pay for it. He is an expensive wee beastie lol.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I know! Luckily this online program is free, but then one on one classes will be very expensive and applying for titles. Kilo is rather expensive too LOL XS

  • Hi Y’all,

    Trust me, whether or not you know about training, that professional pair of eyes helps with body language. You don’t even know that sometimes you are telegraphing something different with your body than you are saying with your mouth. Since we communicate primarily with body language, it confuses us.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  • We indulged in a few extra holiday treats, too, and these super cold days are not making it easy to work them off! Hope you and Kilo are having more luck! We’re looking forward to getting back into our normal routine.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Kilo is doing well, me not so much but planning more discipline and routine next week. Lots of luck to you too XS

  • oooh, sounds like some great resolutions! What’s your online tricks group about. That sounds interesting!

  • Trainers are great because they can sometimes spot areas in our training where we are being inconsistent or not clear to the dog. The important thing is to find a good one. Good luck. 🙂