Santa Came Early This Year at our house. Oh no, wait, it’s Kilo, the fit black pug, in his beautiful red winter dog jacket.

TH Kilo ready for snow

TH Kilo ready or not


With the brutal cold, wind and snow I have been trying all his dog jackets, sweaters and even his pumpkin costume to keep Kilo warm so we can walk (we usually do 5 short fast walks a day). I also got him smart new blue Top Paw boots as his red plastic balloon-like ones he had did not seem to fit or protect well. Disaster. He hates the boots even more than the clothes and removes them immediately.

TH Kilo snow looking for help

Kilo has made it very clear he would rather skip and go naked. He pretended he could not walk at all in his red coat and looked up for divine intervention. He then tried to take off like a bullet after another dog, so we realized he was faking. Santa did come early and I went and bought him a new 20 foot leash (inspired by a post last week on this hop) so he can really run naked in the park where safe and not get so cold or disappear. He loved the freedom and seemed to generate enough heat!

TH Kilo new Toys

I also bought him some new extra tough ToyShoppe toys without stuffing and a Rudolph with a plastic bottle inside to play games inside. He loves chewing smaller soft toys and it relaxes him, but he worries them until he takes out the stuffing which worries me, so I thought I’d give these a try. So far a huge success.

TH Kilo green toy

We tried agility again this week, but there were lots of distractions and our favourite trainer was away. Kilo still did really well considering. He also learned to walk on two legs and a few other behaviours.
Today we are off to the vet for a check up to make sure we have not put on too much weight with all the positive training and treats. We will also be discussing medication for anxiety/reactivity as it might help Kilo be a happier healthier dog in combination with the therapy, training, exercise, massage and other things we are doing.

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  • Oh my, VERY handsome! I have a Mini Xolo who would rather go naked, too. Poor thing needs a jacket but won’t keep one on!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks. I can’t say I blame them LOL and have been looking longingly at photos of warm places. Maybe a roadtrip in Jan/Feb.

  • Our secret to long outings in all weather is keeping a fast pace so we stay warm. Kilo may need a bit more help with the short fur, but I bet he will adjust as the winter goes on.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks Emma. Yes that seems to be the trick. Let him run fast and generate heat. Horrible for my knees but we’ll do our best and also find more indoor activities. Have a great weekend.

  • Kilo is so cute in that coat! Barley prefers to be “naked” in the snow, too. Glad he’s enjoying a little more freedom on the long lead–that’s how Barley gets to enjoy the snow, too!

  • I like your new coat — it looks great on you!

    Ginger LOVES going for walks in park down the trail on her 20 ft leash. It is so great for letting her run around and sniff, but I still feel safe that she won’t run away!

  • Mr. N loves clothes and has been wearing something pretty much non-stop these last couple of days.

  • Yay, Kilo! Where did you get that spiffy Santa-style coat? *wags*

  • I love that coat! Our beagle Kobi used to also freeze up when you put anything on him, including his harness (he at least got over that). I want to get our Lab mix Luke a coat for winter, because his fur is still so thin, especially underneath. But my hubby doesn’t think it’s necessary. Luke at least doesn’t seem to mind having things put on him though (once he gets past wanting to play with whatever it is when you’re trying to put it on). Merry early Christmas to lucky Kilo (for the toys anyway)! 🙂

  • He looks just like Santa! Too cute. Thanks for sharing on the Pet Parade!

  • That is a very dashing coat!