Snow Dog Kilo the Pug

We had a huge snow fall yesterday-nearly a foot I think. It lasted all day. Kilo the rescue pug was horrified at first. He is definitely not a natural snow dog. He refused to go outside to go potty or go for a walk in the morning. I finally lured him out a short distance and he kept shaking snow off every few steps (he hates wearing a jacket so he went naked but the flakes annoyed him).  He quickly turned, pulled me back and begged to be let back inside.

TH Kilo snowface


I couldn’t really blame him as he was nearly buried and had to jump like a rabbit to get through. By the evening, the snow had finally stopped falling and he was happier outside. He even tried to help my husband push the snow blower and found the action rather exciting.

TH Kilo in snow

Today was a little warmer and a different story. It had stopped snowing and the paths were clear. He actually enjoyed walking on the path, smelling and exploring. The snow banks were daunting as they were shoulder height, but fun to peer over looking for squirrels.I think I’ll take him out to the park with his long leash and let him race around if safe. He does love a sprint.

TH Kilo snow

TH Kilo snow 2

Dog Tricks and Games

To make up for the shorter walks, we did extra sprints and games inside. We worked on touch, peek-a-boo, roll over and other tricks. Roll over was a challenge as he seemed to feel a bit threatened. He often rolls on his back for me to tickle his tummy but he really did not like being asked to lie down, then roll over and play dead at first.

TH Kilo eating bean

Green Beans for Treats

I went and got more fruit and vegetables to use for treats. He may not burn quite as many calories, but I still need lots of food rewards for him. We both enjoy snacking on carrot sticks and fresh green beans. Green beans seem like an excellent choice for him as he takes quite a while to eat them and they are low fat/cal and healthy. Anybody have any great bean recipes and treat ideas? More game and trick suggestions?

Happy Fit Dog Friday!

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  • I bet Kilo was almost buried in that snow, I don’t blame him for wanted back inside….lol.

  • Don’t get buried in that snow Kilo!

  • Wow a foot of snow, I would be back in side in a jiffy too. That is way to much snow. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Mom is always amazed how we hop like wabbits through deep snow, but we just love it. Hope Kilo warms up to it as winter is just getting started!

  • Oh, thanks for reminding me about green beans! Luke loves them and we’re looking for lo cal treats. When I was getting them in my garden he was eating them all the time. I think he prefers them cooked though. 🙂
    It looks like Kilo just needed some time to get used to the snow….he probably would have done better first time out if it had only been a few inches!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I know I had forgotten about green beans too then saw these delicious fresh ones. Glad Luke likes them too. I give them raw as greedy Kilo has to slow right down to eat them, but am planning some cooked ideas as well.
      Yes Kilo was fine today. He doesn’t love the snow but he enjoyed his walks. I just have to clean his feet carefully as starting to salt the pavement.

  • Good luck in the snow, Kilo! We’re headed to snowy parts next week so it will be interesting to see how Mr. N takes it.