The super social Bullwrinkles Fun Zone with swimming and ball chasing was a huge hit at PAWLOOZA all day,  and the Dock Jumping was busy, but the longest line-up had to be for the Lure Course.

TH FunZone

Lure Coursing is a sport for dogs that involves chasing a mechanically operated lure. We were impressed just how keen dogs of all different breeds were to try it.  We watched first hand how much they enjoyed chasing the little white plastic bag lure as it zipped around an enclosed field on metal string tracks at lightening speed, twisting and turning. The operator was a master at keeping it just far enough out of reach to tempt.

TH Lure2

TH Lure 3-boomer

The dogs seemed to have a ball, including Boomer in his wheel chair which brought a tear to a few eyes, and it was amazing exercise.

TH Lure 5

As with any vigorous activity, it is suitable for healthy dogs and it is important to warm up and cool down. There was lots of water and many followed the burst of vigorous activity with a dip in the Fun Zone pond to cool off.

TH Lure 6

A quick sip of water and licking lips in anticipation- woohoo!

I’m sure our friends at Slim Doggy may have some further tips on safe exercise and fitness. Join the blog hop:

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  • Small Dog Tails 4 years ago

    Lure coursing is my dog’s favorite thing ever.

  • I guess prey drive is pretty instinctual in all dogs. The Pawlooza sounded like so much fun. Thanks for joining the Hop.