Walk by the Ocean

I have been down in Miami this week at a Kids’ Media conference. On Tuesday, I am heading to my first Global Pet Expo in Orlando. Will anyone else be joining me there? I’m really looking forward to seeing all the wearables, equipment and fitness aids, as well as the toys, new healthy food and treats. I have already received lots of exciting press releases, so can’t wait to share next week.

Global Pet Expo image

The weather has been gorgeous until today. Even today is a lot more pleasant than Toronto.

MIami dolphin

It has been so much easier to go for beautiful walks through parks and by the Ocean every day. The blue sky, blue water and lush greenery make me feel so happy. Somehow I have more energy. I wake up and want to go out and walk. That spec is a dolphin in the distance.

I have been amazed how many small breed dogs live in my building. I have not been in the elevator without a dog.

TH Dog art wynwood

There is also dog art all over the place, even on the walls in the Wynwood Kitchen gardens- what a great area to walk and eat.

TH florida walk TH golf walk

I feel bad poor Kilo the Rescue Pug is not with me, and is freezing his little feet off at home. However he can not travel yet and I have been working as well as walking, with no time to play with him. Maybe next winter he can come down here on holiday too.

Happy Fit Dog Friday

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