Fit Dog Kilo is still in fantastic shape, in spite of all the treats for training and behaviour modification. Walking continues to be our favourite form of exercise. While the weather is still warm enough, we try to get out five or six times a day. We stick to the streets near us to avoid surprises, and reward/distract when we see dogs and strangers. He seems to like the familiarity for now. We explore the local parks at off-peak times and sometimes extend the leash with a rope and let him run if no-one else is around just to get some freedom and intensity. He also sprints up and down our big flights of stairs and after toys in the house and jumps like a kangaroo. I am slowly trying to take the things he likes to do like spin, jump up, chase, and “elevated touch” and turn them into useful training and exercise that he will repeat on command.

Love the photo below – a huge dog in a little body is just how Kilo sees himself I think (except when he wants to snuggle on my lap or help type).

TH Kilo on pavement

Where did that squirrel go (he hasn’t quite got the fact that they can climb trees)?

TH Kilo on grass

We often stop to smell the roses, and all the dog pee of course.

TH Kilo smell roses

No interest in fishing (unlike the local raccoons who look for sushi bars like this. We have a water spray that keeps them away at night very effectively)


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  • Love the photo with the shadow…big dog in a little body…love it 🙂

  • Those squirrels are so unfair with their tree climbing! As for all your treats and staying trim, we get a lot of treats too, but we mostly have healthy and/or lo cal treats and as long as we are exercising, we burn those calories so it isn’t a problem. Good fitness work!

  • Love the big dog/little dog photo! Walking is my preferred exercise with the fluffies as well. It’s a great way to bond.

  • Walks are by far the best in our book! Love Dolly

  • He looks great! Walking is our favorite exercise, too. I’m glad Kilo’s doing well with the familiarity of the neighborhood! Barley and I appreciate that, too, since we know where we can expect dogs (although every now and then we get an off-lease surprise) and which houses have children with the skateboards and scooters Barley dreads so much.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Sounds so similar. Kilo loves little kids on foot, but bikes, skateboards and scooters- not a fan. I bet he’d be great on a skateboard though, as he has amazing balance and is low to the ground LOL X

  • Kilo looks like he’s leading a pretty fun life! Remember to look up for squirrels! Mr. N is plotting how to climb trees.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yep he’s such a fun little guy- such unbridled enthusiasm. I am enjoying our walks. Maybe Mr N can learn with Kilo. They could give each other a lift up. My lab used to lift my mix up to reach things she wanted LOL.

  • Aww, he’s so handsome! I love that first photo – he looks so proud! 😀

  • Love your shadow photo! We love our walks and sniffies too!

  • The shadow picture is amazing; I think it’s such a great metaphor for small dogs everywhere. They might be small but they certainly don’t lack personality.

  • It sounds like you have wonderful routines down for getting lots of exercise, and most importantly, having fun!
    I always say something similar about our 22 lb. beagle….she’s a little dog with a big attitude!