Weight Loss For Dogs – Skinny Muttloaf Recipe

Today on Fit Dog Friday we are partnering with The Pet Network show “Fido & Wine” to share their new Season 2 Weight Loss Challenge “Recipe for Weight Loss” episode.

Canine Obesity is a Growing Issue

Obesity is a growing issue for humans and dogs in North America. It can be expensive and shorten lives. Regular exercise, portion control and a healthy diet are all important.

Lovely Host Laura Ducharme follows the stories of three overweight canines as they embark on a rigorous diet and exercise regimen in an effort to return to a healthy size. Laura also has some yummy recipe suggestions — including a special Skinny Muttloaf  below— that may be just the thing for your favourite pudgy pooch.


She visits Fit Dogs in Toronto – They offer fresh-air, off leash workouts in the great wild beyond and indoor saltwater swimming for beginners, masters, and recuperating sweet peas. We have also featured other suggestions including Walking, Swimming, Agility, Freestyle (dancing) and Disc.

See 10 great ways to get active with your dog and other suggestions.

Fit Dog Hero the Super Collie jumping an agility hurdle

 Share any Tips or Recipes or Questions or Stories you have on keeping fit, healthy and happy.

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