Weight Loss Success for Poncho the Chihuahua!

We are so happy to announce that Talent Hounds member Poncho has been having great success in his goal of slimming down and getting healthy!  Since we first met him when filming for our new upcoming Fit Dogs Rock! episode coming to the Pet Network, Poncho has lost a few pounds already and is noticeably more trim and full of energy.

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 12.17.52 PM

Mom, Marcy credits Ponchos success to:

Sticking to a strict diet with less, lower calorie food and fewer and healthier treat! Plus no human scraps.

More exercise which Poncho now appears to enjoy. He is almost able to keep up with sisters Sweetie, Lulu and Shivers who are all active Jack Russells.

sweetie-lulu-and-poncho A slimmer Poncho in summer of 09′

Plus the newest addition to the family adorable Shivers has definitely brought more energy into the house and more play time with big brother Poncho.


Go Poncho!

We know Poncho will soon meet his goal of a healthy weight and wish him all the best on his journey!

A healthy pet is a happy pet and will live longer. Make sure your dog is a healthy weight by visiting you veterinarian and setting appropriate weight goals that are fun and achievable for you dog! Plus get healthy yourself ,you’ll both be skipping to the dog park in no time! Join our blog hop for great tips and inspiration:

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