Weight Loss Tips- Slow Down!

Well the cold continues here which has made it hard for me to get outside, get active and stick to my diet. I had lunch with an old friend who had just finished a big study on human obesity prevention. As she watched me “wolfing” down my meal, she told me the single best weight loss secret :  eat slower. Chew and savour each mouthful for as long as you can and take small bites. She smugly pointed out that I finished my meal twice as fast as her. This tip is even more important for dogs.

Eating food too fast can be not only uncomfortable, but dangerous to your dog’s health, especially for big barrel-chested breeds. It can lead to choking, obesity, gas or even canine bloat. So slow down meal time and have your dog enjoy their food.  

Here are some ideas to help combat the dangers of “speed eating”


Do stuff for meals and treats, don’t just simply give your dog their meal. Make it a fun game or challenge. Try things like:


Practice tricks and use small parts of their daily kibble allowance or meal as a reward, feeding some slowly by hand.

Feed your Dog less more often so instead of one or two 2 cups twice daily, try one cup three or four times. This is a great tip for humans as well! PetSmart suggests, “Create a regular feeding schedule of two to three small meals a day.”

Try splitting your dog’s meal into separate bowls so he moves from bowl to bowl and can not inhale the contents of one bowl. Or even take it one step further and let your dog do some hunting for his meals.  Take his daily meals and divide them into small portions in separate bowls.  Then hide the bowls in different places around the room or house.  Your dog gets activity, a brain workout and a meal, all in one.

Elevating the dog food in a raised dog feeder may prevent your dog from eating too fast and it can be more comfortable.

Try challenges such as toys and puzzles which make them use their brain in order to receive rewards.

Food Puzzles


Use a metal non-tip food/water bowl. Just flip it upside down and spread the food in the ring around the ring. For your dog to get all the food, he has to circle around the bowl as well as pick his head up to shift to the other side.

Try special bowls designed to slow your pet’s food intake with raised pieces they have to eat around. There is even a plastic food bowl called the Brake Fast Bowl. It is a non-tip bowl with plastic knobs in the center of the bowl. It doesn’t have a grip ring on it, so it can slide as dogs eat, causing them to ‘chase’ their food.

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 11.31.53 AM For example Try the

Martha Stewart Pets™ Slow Feed Dog Bowl for PetSmart

Have any more great tips to help slow down fast eaters? Share in the comments below!

Happy Fit Dog Friday!

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  • These are great tips – I use some of them for myself…many smaller meals is a good one, then you don’t feel hungry. Good for the dogs too. Thanks for joining the Hop.

  • Hi Y’all!

    Eating too fast is NOT a problem for me. I’ve always been a slow eater and I like to chew ALL my food.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  • I put some of Onyxx’s food into puzzle toys. Otherwise it’s gone in three seconds flat.