Winter Ideas for small Active Dogs.

I assume Kilo the Foster Pug did not get out much in his previous homes or has forgotten what winter is like, as his reactions to frost and snow were hilarious on our morning walk. He seemed to think something was nipping him in the grass – he jumped every time he sniffed or stepped. He was pretty keen to cut the walk short and get back inside.

TH Kilo face grass

We tried on one of his many beautiful jackets but then he looked like a sad, stuffed sausage and waddled reluctantly, giving me accusing looks, so we went without.

TH Kilo coat TH Kilo coat full

By lunch time, he was very bored, so I decided to take him for another Agility Class at the indoor facility at PawsWay Toronto.

TH Kilo top of ramp2

Kilo was a little star (he looks so tiny on the equipment but he has a big heart and no fear). He loved the activities, the positive trainer Mary and the treats. He was able to follow my hand over jumps and through the weave, tunnel and ramps. He was able to lie down in a ring, pose and do several behaviours, even with distractions. We stayed almost an hour and Kilo got great mental and physical exercise. I’ll try to take some action shots and video next week as we will definitely go back.

TH Kilo on ramp tongue out

I have also been trying to interest him in his small disc and games of fetch at home. He really loves playing with toys and chasing things I throw, but he can’t see the point of bringing things back to me yet. He can catch treats but he does not like the texture of even the softer small discs I have tried so far.

I wanted to showcase a few inspirational disc, agility and flyball dogs including new community member Betsy from the UK, as well as Kowboy Fred, Hero, Mabel, Rip, Lottie, Mia, Rev, Remi, Joey, The WoofJocks, The RuffSport Dog Crew, Nishka, Linzy, Rocco, Katrin, Sheby Star and more. We shared some tips on disc or frisbee in a previous post, but any more would be much appreciated.

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  • We love doing indoor tricks! Mort will vault off my back and leg in our tiny living room, or in our garage. Necessary because we don’t have a yard (more often the reason to do so than bad weather) 🙂

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yes we don’t have a fenced in yard. Oohh I am trying to teach Kilo to jump up on my leg into my arms but I am so clumsy. I’d like him to vault off my leg too. Can you post some tips on what tricks you do with Mort. TX S

  • I blogged a few months about teaching Mr. N how to retrieve. Now he brings back almost everything that fits in his mouth (he’s still not fond of metal objects). There’s a Youtube video I used where you teach your dog by teaching them to bring back chews first.

  • Very cool video -thanks for sharing – love watching this action.

  • He definitely doesn’t look happy about that coat! I’m glad he got to get in some exercise in a fun, warm way instead!

  • It is hard for little dogs with snow as they are so low to the ground and they get cold so easy. Good you have some indoor activities as well, but he may end up loving snow if he has time to adjust to it.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I am hoping he won’t mind it. He generates a lot of heat but I worry about his little paws and legs. It will definitely be a challenge. Have a great weekend- the tracking info was really interesting BTW. XS

  • Kilo looks like he really enjoyed the agility course and I do like the camo jacket, even though he’s not crazy about it, lol. Nice video.

  • I am sure my face looks just like Kilo’s in the cold and snow. 🙂 It is great that he loves agility. I think it is important for dogs to find something they love and then working out is a breeze.

  • Max likes to chase things too, but doesn’t bring them back either. That’s great you have an indoor place you can go to. Sounds like fun!