5 Things About Pugs

One of the key ways we can keep millions of dogs out of shelters is to encourage people to do their research before getting a dog. It is so important to choose the right breed for your lifestyle, budget, personality, family and home. As part of our Rescue Dogs Rock campaign, we have been working on a breed library that includes tips or quotes from members of our community.  We hope to publish the library next week along with the launch of the Rescues Rock and Puppies episodes of the TV series in Canada.
As I am now fostering Kilo the pug, I thought I would share 5 Things About Pugs first.

1) The Pug is believed to have originated in China, and then to have been imported to Europe around 400 years ago. The pug reportedly became the official dog of the House of Orange in 1572 after a Pug saved the life of the Prince of Orange by alerting him to the approach of assassins. The breed was popular with royalty, particularly during the reign of Queen Victoria in the UK, and frequently pampered like royalty. They were apparently one of the most searched breeds on the internet last year according to Google.


2) The Pug is a squarely built, deep chested, compact breed with short legs, a tightly curled tail and an unmistakable flat, wrinkled face with large round, dark protruding eyes. They are known as a brachycephalic breed like Bulldogs, and require face cleaning in their wrinkles. They frequently have an underbite. They may be prone to breathing issues and may suffer in extreme temperatures.


3) Their smooth short coats can be fawn, apricot fawn, silver fawn, or black. Pugs require minimal grooming, but they do shed a lot (more than I expected, even with regular brushing).


4) Pugs are true companion dogs. Although pint-sized, Pugs come packed with a lot of cheeky charm and love company. The cute, sturdy little dogs usually like children and if properly socialized and trained, can make great family pets. They may have bursts of energy and be quite nimble, but do not generally have a lot of stamina and will snooze on the couch a lot, too. Pugs can make great apartment dwelling dogs, though they do require lots of love and attention and are known for shadowing their pet parents.

TH Kilo in tie

5) Pugs are usually smart and eager to please, but can be a little stubborn to train. They love to play and take walks.They are often very food motivated and seem to respond best to positive reinforcement and patience. If they do not get enough exercise and an appropriate diet, they can be prone to obesity.


If you have any insights or fun facts or stories about Pugs, please add them in the comments. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

I just found this fabulous article by Blanche at Pug-A-Lug Pug Rescue – so insightful and so many things I have found true with rescue rascal Kilo https://www.pugalug.com/what_the_books_didnt_tell_you.html

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  • Wilhelm was almost a pug. But it turned out we were just inspired to get him because of s friends pug. Researching a breed, through post like this, is very important. Pug’s are great but one wouldn’t fit in our walk five miles a day Cascadian lifestyle!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Good research is one the most important aspect of deciding what dog breed to adopt. Glad you picked a larger more active breed that fit into your lifestyle Bethany.

  • Love how you say they are squarely built, that is so true! I’m actually kind of scared of pugs. I think it happened because the few I have met were breathing kind of loud and weird and it made me a bit nervous 🙂

  • I didn’t know about the origins of the Pug. I love that one altered him to the approach of assassins, such great and loyal friends. I love seeing Pugs that are fit and healthy; they make great little hardy companions.

  • Great information!
    Happy WordlessWednesday

  • My inlaws have a Pug. He barks A LOT so this is something to think about. You need to train them to be quiet. Also, due to the flat face, they snort when excited. You will be washing your eyeglasses often when they snort up close. LOL! Very cute and fun little dogs overall. I’ve even seen a few doing agility. Since agility runs tend to be short sprints, the lack of endurance doesn’t factor in here.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      All so true- thanks- will add to breed info. Kilo barks and snorts A LOT! I can’t wait until I can try him in agility as I’m sure he would be amazing. He is so fast in short sprints and can jump and climb like a Ninja.

  • How cool that a pug thwarted assassins!

  • Pint sized cuteness – love pugs. Sssh….don’t let the cats hear me say that, MOL. Happy WW

  • I met a petite Pug this weekend. Adorable. Sometimes the folds can get smelly, so they need a regular wiping down.

  • Interesting! I’ve never had a pug (or had one in our family, which has had many dogs) so don’t know much about them. Just know they’re cute!

  • I love the picture of the little pug with the tie ~ super cute!

    I just heard about the 5th International Pug Meeting which took place in Berlin, Germany, in late August. 200 pugs attended the meeting and competed in a 50 meter doggie pug race ~ the fastest one was “Cookie” who completed the 50 meters in 6,02 seconds!! http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/pug-race#18b4p1r

  • I’ve never met a pug I didn’t love. 🙂 Thank you for this interesting post — I learned some new stuff, which is always great.

  • I love learning detailed information about other breeds. Thanks so much for the information – I learned a great deal

  • You are So right, many people fall in love w/ a dog because of it’s looks or personality, but give no thought as to how big, active, or easy to train they might be, and don’t consider specific breed characteristics such as herding, pulling, or digging. My sister got a Pug and was shocked at how much they actually shed! She’s a Super dog though we all love her. Excellent post!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Cathy, Isis & Phoebe

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks so much Biscuits, Cathy, Isis & Phoebe. I know the shedding was a big surprise for me. Pugs are such fun. XS

  • I agree that you should research the characteristic and traits of any breed before bringing them into your home. We have a couple of larger mutts that are perfect to accompany us on longer hikes. Thanks for sharing.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks Mark. Yes I had a fabulous mutt great for a long hike. She passed 2 years ago at nearly 16. Kilo the pug is great for a long walk if not too hot. S

  • Interesting facts. I don’t know much about dogs, I honestly thought pug is same with bulldog

  • I am partial to pugs (obvs) but the shedding always has to be mentioned when discussing the breed! It’s insane. Totally worth it for me however. 🙂

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I know- I feel the same way. I have white couches and they are usually black by the end of each day with Kilo. However I found a great roller that you just wash with warm water that works like a charm.