The news we have all been waiting for… Air dates for new TV shows!

We have confirmed that the 4 new Talent Hounds episodes will air on Wednesdays at 7PM and 12AM, and Sundays at 6PM and 3AM for the month of October! They will be airing on The Pet Network, available on Rogers and Shaw. We are so excited to share them with you!


In keeping with our mission, the new episodes will deliver inspirational, entertaining stories about the amazing ways dogs and puppies are enriching our lives!

First to air will be our ‘Rescues Rock!’ episode which aims to dispel myths about Rescue and Shelter Dogs, and encourage responsible pet parenting and adoption.

‘Dogs Make A Difference’: This heart-warming episode features amazing service, surfice and therapy dogs who guide, teach and heal, helping animals and people every day. The best of man’s best friends!

‘In Puppy Love’: The magic of our relationship with puppies will be explained, and audiences will see how to choose the right breed along with the To-Do’s and Not-To-Do’s when bringing a Puppy home!

‘Fit Dogs Rock’: Obesity is one of the biggest health risks for pets today. We are literally killing them with kindness. This episode will showcase exciting ideas and helpful tips from our experts about getting fit and having fun with your dog! Learn about Dock Jumping, Agility, Disc, and other dog sports that help fight canine (and human) obesity.

We hope you will tune in and share your thoughts or experiences with the Talent Hounds community here or on Twitter!


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