Behind the Scenes with Bocker the Labradoodle this Wordless Wednesday.

Let’s celebrate the wonderful work therapy dogs are doing, particularly with children.


Aria and I loved meeting  Model, Entertainment Star, Therapy Dog, Tail Waggin’ Tutor, and Fundraiser for those Less Fortunate, Bocker Labradoodle and his mom Marie! What an amazing, generous, friendly pair.

We got to see his adorable head tilt and look into his big brown eyes, which seem almost human.  He has such a kind, understanding face and is very calm and gentle.

TH Bocker2 head tilt

It is easy to understand why he is so successful in his therapy programs and as a Tail Waggin’ Tutor. You can’t help relaxing and smiling when you pat him and you know he is not judging you.

TH Bocker Tail Waggin' Tutors

We had great fun chatting to Marie about the work that they do for our new episode celebrating Dogs that Make a Difference. Bocker sure is one busy Labradoodle with his therapy work, his reading program and his fundraising.

I find it fascinating the potential dogs have to help in times of disaster, or high stress, and to make us feel better. Dr Stanley Coren explained  that looking at and patting a friendly dog can actually affect brain chemistry in a positive way.

10430380_703952086333556_8101678911525800510_n 10417688_813909635308460_5286862564727830534_n

We even got to attend the NYS Animal Advocacy Day with them!

TH Susie, Marie & Bocker 1

Therapy Dogs like Bocker really Rock!  You will be able to see our interview and more  soon on the Pet Network! Check out Bocker’s website and  Facebook Page!

You can also find out more about Bocker by reading his wonderful book “Chasing Bocker’s Tale” and you can cuddle with your very own Bocker plush  (I got one and it is super soft). Much of the proceeds go to helping those less fortunate.

TH Bocker- chasing tale and book

More awesome Dog books HERE

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