Blue The Rescue Puppy’s Journey- Pet Store Dumpster to Happy Home

Rescued from a dumpster half frozen to death, look at Blue now.

TH Blue

Last winter, a pet store was going out of business and Linda stopped by to see if she could pick up any useful bargains for Helping Homeless Pets and Tiny Paws Dog Rescue (where she volunteers and where we met Arthur and Margaret).

She saw the owner throwing a box in the dumpster and heard mewing. She stopped him and rescued the poor little kittens inside the box. He then said “do you want the puppy too?” She had to climb into the smelly dumpster and dig around to find a little bundle at the bottom. She called him Blue because he was half frozen to death. He needed a lot of love and medical care, but is now doing much better.

Please watch and share the video below for more of his story and stop by Tiny Paws Dog Rescue.

Be responsible – #RescuesRock,  ADOPT DON’T SHOP

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