Bocker Labradoodle Fights Cancer

bocker labradoodle fights cancer

We were devastated to hear that our beautiful friend Bocker the therapy dog, who brings smiles to so many, is fighting lymphoma. Life is so unfair sometimes. He and his lovely Mom Marie deserve happiness, not pain. The treatment he needs will be expensive and unpleasant.

TH Bocker2 head tilt

We just made the donation of $75 to AnimalAid USA from YouTube subscriptions and video views last month in his name and $25 to his treatment fund. From December 1st until at least the end of the month, we will donate all proceeds from the views of his video to his fight. We are optimistic.

Watch and Share the Video to see how Bocker has touched so many lives and to help donate :

Canine cancer is a horrible disease that takes way too many dogs too early. Malignant Lymphoma (tumors in the lymph nodes)  is one of the more common cancers in older dogs.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10. But half of all cancers are curable if caught early” according to an article on 


Symptoms or warning signs for cancer may be similar to humans- swelling, lumps, lameness, bleeding. Veterinary oncology has made great advances in the last few years and there are many treatment options available including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy which have improved survival rates  (we have seen estimates of over 60%) It is important to take your dog for regular check ups and notify your vet if you see anything unusual.

Our hearts go out to Marie and any other members of the Talent Hounds Community suffering because of this horrible disease.

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