Is A Bulldog The Right Breed For You?

The bulldog’s trademark wide head, squished faces, big round eyes and sweet smiles make it an irresistible dog breed for many. Universities, Marines and countless others have used the breeds “tough” and tenacious character as their mascott for years. However, the bulldog is more of a lover than a fighter.

My daughter is dying to get a bulldog and although Kilo the Pug does have most of the same characteristics, there’s just something special about bulldogs.

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Bulldog Dog Breed

Bulldogs have become extremely popular and can make great companion dogs, as they are quite sweet and humorous. They usually enjoy human companionship and get along with other pets and children. They are an intelligent breed but are often stubborn. Early positive reinforcement training and socialization can make a big difference.

Saba french bulldog showing off strength

Bulldogs are a medium-size dog with a thick, low-slung body. Theirshort haired bodies usually have broad shoulders and chests, with sturdy limbs. They are generally loyal, friendly and kind, and not too high energy – perfect for those who love a good cuddle on the couch. They do require plenty of attention and regular walks and may have short burst of energy. Regular cleaning of all their glorious wrinkles and likeliness of health issues should be taken into consideration. The may also have difficulty in hot and humid weather and are not great swimmers. Some bulldogs even snort or snore due to their short nose.

Although bulldogs aren’t known for agility or tricks, they can be trained with patience and rewards. We loved Tilman (RIP) the famous skateboarding bulldog. Another talented community members, Snuggles and Saba also love to skateboard too -must be a bullie thing!

Snuggles Skateboard


Saba the skateboarding french bulldog


English Bulldog Breed

TH Bulldog Pet Expo

The English Bulldog, with its squishy face, is the lowest to the ground and most muscular of the bulldog breeds. They are iconically stout, stocky and muscular and very powerfully built.

American Bulldog Breed

Snuggles the American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are much more active, agile and lankier than their English cousins.

French Bulldog Breed

Harry the french bulldog

Originally considered as “Toy Bulldogs”, the French Bulldog is characterized by its signature “bat ears”, short muzzle and small stocky frame. Bred for companionship, this dog requires close human contact making the Frenchie a great lap dog. They are also more athletic and require daily walks.     Saba the french bulldog with the ultimate air dogs dock diving

More Photos of Bulldogs

bulldog sleeping

Calais the bulldog gives kiss

bulldog puppy

bulldog smile

biker bulldog

bulldog on grass

bulldog in fur coat

bulldog dog pile

bulldog smile

bulldog on grass

bulldog in tutu


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