What a great time to celebrate Pet Bloggers around the world as summer ends, but school, sports, activities and the new Fall TV schedules all start here in north America.


Two years ago in September, we got the “green light” to do a one hour documentary “Talent Hounds” for the Pet Network in Canada celebrating the changing roles and talents of dogs. We decided to start a simple WordPress website and some free social media channels to support the production and launch of the TV doc and allow pet parents to showcase their talented dogs.


What an exciting two years we have had. I love animals and have always had dogs (rescue mixes and one golden lab) and other Pets. I find it absolutely fascinating how attitudes to Pets and the responsibilities and rewards of having a dog have changed. Even just eight years ago, there were no #dogsofinstagram, Dogbook/Facebook pages, WordPress sites/themes, dog videos on YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Puppy Classes, Agility Classes, Doga, Blog Hops. There was no Blogpaws.

After the TV Doc launch April 1st, 2013, I realized that I really enjoyed being a beginner Pet Blogger (I started out many years ago as a writer before I got into Marketing then Content Production). I wanted to do more research, meet more talented dogs and do more TV episodes and Blog Posts. I set up a daily schedule on my site to help me keep organized and committed to building content and relationships longterm. I started joining Blog Hops like this one. One year ago, I got a little bit more funding to edit together more TV footage on my four main areas of interest: Rescues, Puppies, Service and Therapy Dogs and Fitness/Wellness. Today, we have thousands of wonderful community members, friends, photos, videos and posts. Plus of course, an adorable foster pug named Kilo- a Pet Blogger -in-training.

TH Kilo at work

The new TV episodes will be launching over the next few weeks in Canada, along with our Rescues Rock Campaign and some Therapy, fitness and obesity prevention initiatives. Can’t wait to share.

We are so lucky to have the tools to blog and chat about what we love, amazing talented dogs to feature, a supportive community and an audience that cares.  We even have the potential to make a living as Pet Bloggers (although I am still working on that part, as my husband keeps reminding me).


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  • I know a lot of business owners who start out blogging because they “have to” for their business and end up loving their blogs and the community around it. I’m glad that happened to you AND that your show is doing more too!

  • You guys are awesome! I think you either like blogging or you don’t and if you like it, it is fun and it shows.

  • Mike Longchamps 3 years ago

    Good luck hope it all goes better than dreamed.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Aww Thanks Mike- I already feel very lucky to have met you and your talented family. Did you all have a great summer? best Susie

  • You might have been given a lucky opportunity, but it sounds like you work very hard at blogging and producing a TV show. Best wishes for continued success.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks Sharon- yes it is a 24/7 committment with lots of stuff I am not so keen on. But worth it. Have a wonderful week. xs

  • Congratulations! Your passion shows through your writing! Harley loves his new life as a Therapy Dog. We’re making many memories and anipals every time.

  • We love blogging and reading your blog posts!! Happy WW!

  • I completely understand. I am still working to make a living as an author and then the pet blogging just started taking over. I’m really ready to make money with both careers.

  • Congratulations on all your success and good luck with the future episodes!