Celebrity Pug Igor is Giving Back


Meet Our Pug Pal Igor The Therapy Dog Turned Movie Star Who Uses His Celebrity To Help Fellow Pugs and other Pets In Need

Igor is a 7yr old fawn pug who has been working as a St. John Ambulance therapy dog since the age of one. Alongside Tracey, his mom and handler, he visits hospitals to bring comfort to the sick and lonely, and those in need of a friendly cuddle. Igor also visits schools and libraries on a weekly basis where he  works as a part of the child/R.E.A.D. program. The Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) program is designed to improve the literacy skills of children through the assistance of registered therapy teams who act as literacy mentors. Read about more Talent Hound members who are part of R.E.A.D. HERE
 In 2010 Igor became the #1 obedience pug in Canada, and if you own a pug you can imagine the amount of focus and training that took (we have our mascot Rescue Pug Kilo so we know). In Dec. 2011 he auditioned for Stephen Dunn’s short film Life Doesn’t Frighten Me and beat out 17 other pugs and ended up playing Gordon Pinsent’s pug “King Henry”.
He attended the TIFF and Tribeca Film Festivals to support the film and was featured in articles and PR. As Tracey explains, one thing led to another for the pair, and through Igor’s extensive social media platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and IMDb) he received the role of Eric Peterson’s dog in Static the Movie which also stars Yannick Bisson. From there it was on to a cameo on Murdoch Mysteries and to playing the role of Mary Walsh’s pug in Closet Monster. 
Since Igor got his first role through a casting call put out by Pugalug Pug Rescue, Tracey decided to use his little bit of fame to help out other pugs in need and created The Walk of Fame Calendar. All proceeds from the calendar go to Pugalug. This is the third year for the calendar and all the stars he has worked with have graciously agreed to be in it, along with their autographs. If you would like to support Pugalug Pug Rescue, send a message directly to Tracey to place an order HERE and pay through PayPal.
Igor has also been supporting the Ontario SPCA pawsandgive.ca with our friend Edie the Pug, encouraging people to “adopt” plush toys for the holidays or purchase and donate other holiday gifts, with proceeds helping real shelter dogs.

Fun Fact!

Igor loves to ride on the Harley with Mom & Dad. His favourite destination? Tim Hortons for a tasty TimBit.( he has received Tim’s cards in the mail from his fans)

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