Cute dog photos – I had a great time making new friends at the Super Pet Expo and Westminster KC Show last week. My daughter and I have been researching breeds, trying to decide which to foster or  adopt next. She is keen on Pugs and Bull Dogs. I tend to swing wildly. Here are a few cuties I met:

Susie & pup at Westminster2

This cheerful little love bug was so affectionate – a smooth and short-haired Brussels Griffon- very human looking expressions.

:TH Bulldog2 Pet Expo

Who could resist this smile?

TH lab rescue PE

One of my last dogs Cookie was a lovely yellow lab like this rescue pup.

TH Westmin beagle

Such a sweet face.

TH Westmin terrier

Reminded me a little of my second rescue Kim. What a great dog!

TH Westmin BFFS


TH Westminpug

Pug love

TH westmin golden hug

A golden hug

What’s you favourite breed?

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