Cute PUGS Ruled and Ran at WOOFSTOCK Toronto June 9! These adorable dogs dazzled the audience in The Costume Contest, melted hearts at the Pugalug Pug Rescue tent and had the crowd cheering them on in the BULLWRINKLES “Running of the Pugs!”

Heres some Cute Pug Dog photos from the WOOFSTOCK  weekend!


The crowd loved cheering for this cute fashionista cheer leader pug in the WOOFSTOCK “Best Costume Contest!”

TH Woostock2Pug Run

Bullwrinkles Ring- the “Running of the Pugs” starting line.

TH Woofstock pugs2

TH Woofstock pugfinishline

TH Woofstockpugwinner

TH Woofstockpugstart

TH Woofstock pugfinish2

TH Woofstockpugafter

TH Woofstockpugstart4

TH Woofstockpugfinish4

TH Woofstock pug after2

TH Woofstock pugstart5

TH Woofstock pugfinish5

TH Woofstock pugstart 5B

TH Woofstock pustart5C

TH Woofstock pugfinishline2

TH Woofstock pugfinishline 4

TH Woofstock pugfaceup

TH Woofstock trick pug

Trickster Pug

TH Woofstock pugtreathunter

Treat hunter pug


Tired Pug cooling off.


Look at the smile on this Pug! Soo cute!

If you cant get enough of pugs then check out our video of our little Pug puppy friend Winston! Trying to get comfy playing around in her bed, snuggling and sleeping! CLICK HERE!

We’d LOVE to see your PUG photos or videos! Submit your pics HERE!


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